Monday, March 2, 2015

We Are Not Alone

Buenas Tardes a todos!

This last week started out bad but ended good! We had 6 investigadores at church yesterday!

Service.. It's something we try to find as missionaries but no one ever lets us serve! We have an investigador named C.  She always turns us down and tells us she is "busy." And I can see that she isn't lying. She has a lot of little kids. This last week we passed by to see what we could teach her. Once again she was "busy." This time I said "We are going to help you!" I could see that she was cleaning her house. Suprisingly she let us in to help. Clumsy me was trying to put the mirror back on the wall and it dropped! Ack! It wasn't my fault the wood was so weak! But at that point I took all the blame. Yeah her mirror broke and I left her house feeling really down. Thoughts of "Man Sarah! Why am I so clumsy. She will never let us in now!" Well I offered to buy her a new mirror but I can't find one.... hahaha. Lets all pray that she doesn't hate the sister missionaries now. 

 I know I haven't talked about R. in a while. Remember she had her wedding reception but then never got married because of complications with her marriage papers. So we decided to wait until her baby is born, because then it will be real easy to get married and then be baptized! Her baptism is still on we are just waiting for her baby to be born.....Any day now! We are holding a baby shower for her tomorrow! 

We have a new investigador named E who is awesome. She is 14 and loves to go to all the activities in the church. She has a baptismal date for March 28! Please pray that she will be prepared by this date! 

Today we spent our Pday waiting for agua. Not very fun. Water is so hard to get here. They have to bring it to you in big jugs! We ran out of drinking water about 2 days ago, but had to wait until today to ask for more. So we finally called the guy. He said he would be right there. So we waited and waited. He called us and said he was outside so we ran out and found no one. We waited for two hours this morning in the heat for him to bring us this water! We called him again and he said wait you guys are in Piura right and we said no we are not in Piura!!!!!! Long story short that is how our pday went today. Not the best, but we have something to laugh about. We also made pizzas with our recent convert C. She has a Pizzeria. I made dry brownies too! They weren't as good as they are at home, but it was something! 

I am doing great and am seeing miracles everyday. Really God is with us I know it. I feel his Angels lifted me up everyday. He roots me on everyday, he gives me the strength to keep walking, to talk to one more person, to be a missionary. I know this is the work of God and I am so happy to be a missionary!

I could cry for joy I Love you all sooo much!

Hermana Stringham 

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