Sunday, September 8, 2013

fat cheeks

 college is here! like it or not i am a full time student at byu. stuck in provo with no car and granola bars. can't afford the good stuff anymore..sigh. anyway, tuesday was my first day of college. thought i would look cute for my first day and first encounter with older men, but no i woke up to a fat cheek and an aching mouth. my exact thoughts were, "are you kidding me?!" i bagged the idea of getting ready, instead i embraced my baseball sized cheek and accepted that my day would be ugly. hiding the cheek was not an option.  as always my dad came to the rescue, driving 50 minutes to pick me up in provo, he took me to the dentist where they told me what i already wisdom teeth were infected. sticking a tube in my mouth, he drained the puss inside my left wisdom tooth hole (kinda like a zit--i know sick).