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On Mar 23 Sarah Stringham wrote:
This last week unforgettable. And I am going to apologize now but I don't have my camera chord, and I am to scared to stick my memory card in the computer for fear of another virus...

First off we had multizona. It was all on testimonies. Pres Rowley said "You have all been given the authority to be missionaries but not everyone has power." Referring to the scripture about the 4 sons of Mosiah who were given authority and power. He said in order to have power when we teach we must start with ourselves. It all comes down to our own testimonies. VIVE SU TESTIMONIO. (Live your testimony) It is so important to have a testimony, not one from 10 years ago when your parents brought you to the sacred grove but a testimony that LIVES. 

We also had Stake Conference and a 70 came Elder Alacone? Something like that. It was beautiful and inspiring! We have a family of invesitgadores come with us as well! 

Funny Contacts this last week......just the daily

Hna Justiniano and I were in the Plaza once again contacting and reaching our daily goal of 22 people when 4 old guys called us over. My comp said "No it's late." And she was right but I also thought well would if this is the first time they have seen us missionaries and they are interested in what we have to say, and we pass them by? We decided to turn back and talk to them. Bad choice should have listened to my comp. They weren't interested in our message but in us. Not the first time that it has happened. We chatted for a few minutes then they wanted to know our names. We wouldn't tell them, so one old guy said well then I will give you a name and called me "Ave" or "Bird" haha alright I thought, lets go. So we said goodbye and they said they'd come to church but only if we would be there. Then we shook hands and they kissed my hand! Ooops I wasn't wanting a kiss on the hand but at that point I couldn't do anything. We just turned and ran for our apartment. 

I have some not so good news too. My comp got sick and had to go home. I have been in a trio for 5 days in Tacala, but I will go back to my area tomorrow with my new comp Hna Copa! I am really excited. She is from Bolivia, is 20 years old, and is just way cute. She and her comp (who I am with are hna leaders in the mission). So for the time being (only 2 more weeks) I will also be an hna leader. haha I was not ready for this or expecting it but the mission is all about changes. I know  I will grow a lot. I love this quote Cynthia sent me and I am going to share it (sorry Cynthia).

"the hardest times in life to go through are when you are transitioning from one version of yourself to another.Oh the stretching and growing and falling and climbing and changing of becoming a different, a better version of you! in the midst of it all it may feel like too much, that you just weren't meant for more, but I promise you , you are! We are meant to be so much more if we will allow ourselves to be subjected to the process of becoming and that new version of you, the joy you will feel on the other side will make it so worth it!"  

The mission is all about CHANGE. Good and bad changes. I am learning to just go with it and "LET IT ROLL." 

I love you all. Thanks for all the prayers and support. I love love love being a missionary! And you all should too!!!

Hermana Stringham 

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