Monday, March 30, 2015

Tender Mercies

My Threesome!

Agua is all I have to say. I love it! It's been raining crazy! I worry about the houses falling over. It's crazy that we all pray for rain then when it comes hard we don't want it because it destroys everything. But I am grateful for the rain. Everday people ask us "Are you really going to go out and proselyte today?" Looking at us like we are crazy. And we say "YES" The work of the Lord can't stop. Rain or no rain we WORK. I've just got to find an umbrella.....and rain boots.

This last week I was just feeling it! We invited all of our investigators to be baptized and four of them said yes! WooHoo. There is only a minor issue. 3 of them aren't married, and the marriage process here is a headache! But we have at least one definite YES who isn't married. Her name is Maria Cleopatra (like the actress I think). We found her out side of our other investigators house (Rosa who is pregnant) selling raspadillas or better known as snow cones with a huge chuck of ice. As she chizzles the big ice cube we teach. She is so excited to do everything right. She came to church yesterday with Rosa but they left early because Rosa had a hospital appointment. Hermana Rosa doesn't know her due date but her baby should be here any day! We are crossing our fingers. 

Today we had a pday with President and Hermana Rowley. They brought a movie for our zone to watch "Meet The Mormons." Man it was awesome. I hope  you can all see it!
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Our President has given us the challenge to read the Book of Mormon before July 1---the day that they finish their mission ;( I am reading it very fast. I invite you all to start reading the Book of Mormon again if you aren't reading it right now.
This week we have two intercambios. My first intercambio as the leader. I will let you know how it all goes....
I am also so excited for General Conference it's like as good as seeing Harry Potter. The Women Session last week was so great. Dad I thought I saw you but then I remembered it was Elder Eyring. 

I love you all to death! I hope you are having Family Home Evening. If you aren't step it up!!!
Hermana Stringham 
this is our trio for five days 

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