Monday, February 23, 2015

The guy chopped my hair -Who cares!



Sue!!!! Thanks for the package!!! BAHAHa I died when I opened it. She sent me a Schnozola.  When I need to laugh I just put it on. You are the best!! 

This week started out rough. Last monday after pday finished we went to teach a family we found in the Plaza that were really interested. We got there and the husband, straight out told us that everything about our church was wrong and we can't come back to his house ever again. Okay so we thought. Great. Then later we went to the Plaza to contact. We met this older guy who asked me if Jesus really came to this earth where did he come? I said he came to Central America. He responded but what countries? Ummmm I don't know exactly but CENTRAL AMERICA. I told him I know that He came the Americas. But then he got all smart alicky and said, you girl need study, you don't even know your own doctrine. Ughhhhh. A few days later we met another guy. I started to talk about Christ with him and he said, but I don't believe in any of this. What? What do you mean? He said I don't belive in God. Are you serious I thought. THE FIRST PERUVIAN THAT DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GOD. I was kind of taken back and felt a deep sadness. How could you not believe in God? How did this world just come about without any supreme being? 

So that was our week. God really tested my testimony. Not that I ever doubted my testimony, but I felt kind of weak. Thoughts of discouragement came like what am I doing why am I here kind of days. 

But we also saw good days. L an 8 year old, crazy child almost uncontrollable. We have been almost begging him to listen to us for the past 4 months. And he will listen somedays, but then we return the next day and he tells us never to come back because he wants to go to the Evangelist church.We have never given up on him. He has had many baptismal dates that have fallen through, but this last week we set up a baptismal date for sure! March 14 and he accepted. He is changing each day....we also have learned to bring him candy that really helps too. But yes our prayers are being answered. 

We also have another investigator.---he is our pencionista's husband's son. Kind of confusing. But we are teaching him. He is 12 and he has a baptismal date for March 14 too! 

Besides that.....

well I cut my hair today. Because it was super damaged and dried out. The guy chopped my hair.......I don't have a picture but next week you will see. It's not terrible but not the most attractive.

Who cares! 

I love you all. Press Forward With Faith my friends!!

Hermana Stringham

Monday, February 16, 2015

Can I just say I might sizzle like an egg in the sun here. It. Is. HOT! HOT! HOT! I sweat like a monster!

Hello my peeps from home! 

First off I am so stoked to have a new nephew!!!!!!!! Welcome to the world baby Lukey!!!!!! I want to hold him but I will have to wait 6 months I guess. Jack Happy Birthday this week I love you!!!!!!! 32....anos 

Can I just say I might sizzle like an egg in the sun here. It. Is. HOT. Hot. Hot. I sweat like a monster. 

This last week was fabulous. We had a baptism on Valentine's Day >>>>>

Stephy was baptized! And it was the prettiest baptism I have ever been too. Her grandma decorated it all pretty. I will send a pic.

We had intercambios this last week. It happened to fall on my one year mark. Hermana Gozan came to my area! She is like the perfect missionary that I always wanted to be. I was so happy to spend the day with her. She started her mission in my same area, so our pencionista threw a little party for her and I. 

I have really come far in one year. I remember in the CCM. Hermana Kaeding asked me what a.m. and p.m. were in Spanish. I responded "it's probably buenos and dias!" such a dummy. I was reading through my journal the other day and found this quote that really helped me when I was going through a hard time in the mission. I got it from Ruby's email.
 "For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin--real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me see there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one." --souza

I am trying to treasure everyday I have. The mission goes by fast. I have always had the problem of always wanting the next step in life, but I am learning to seize the day. We only have one life. One opportunity. I am so grateful for this time I have to serve and grow. 

We are talking with everyone we see. Like I said and exceeded our goal this last week. We talked to 130 people! Whoop! And we are finding new investigatores by talking more. Maybe 1 out of the 10 we talk to are actually going to progress but everyone counts. Many people have never even heard of our church. The hard part about this place is literally EVERYONE and their dog are Catholic but by tradition. No one understands how it is possible to be baptized again. They all think it is a sin. Today we got on the Bus to go to Piura and a guy got on screaming the whole hour ride about the BiBle and God. Literally screaming. One passenger on the bus asked him to lower his voice. These people are a God believing people, but they have a hard time accepting the restoration. Joseph Smith. 
On the bus ride home there were no seats so they smashed us into the front of the bus. Haha I sat on the ground. I started chatting with the Bus driver Pedro about the gospel. But at the end of it all he asked me out to get some Juice. Ugh. Yeah so we darted for the seats in the back. 

We had a mini zone conference this last week and Pres Rowley came. He talked about how Nephi would not return to his house without the gold plates. He simply wouldn't do it, because God had commanded him to go get the plates. So how was he going to return home without the plates?! It's like in the mission. Each day we have a goal to talk to 20 people. If we don't complete it we go home late. We walk and stay our later until we have reached our goal. How can we return to our apartment each night without talking to 20 people? We are really stretching ourselves. We come home tired but satisfied with the work. 

I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish! Finally! (it is longer in spanish) I love that book and I know it is true. I know it!  And if you don't know it read it. Read it before  you criticize it. It really brings me the most comfort when I am far from home. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

I used to live the gospel but now I LOVE the gospel!

So we have really upped the talking this week. My mouth might be dry from talking so much. Haha no just kidding! You would think as missionaries that we talk with EVERYONE we see. (That's what you all think hehe). Which is well partly true. Our lives are so so busy and sometimes excuses come into my mind as ah there is no time to stop and talk with her we are late for this next appointment. Well this last week we reached our goal and beyond! I have never talked to so many people in the streets in one week! We talked with 107!!!! That's a new record. 15 people a day and sometimes more. So this week we have a even better challenge 18 people a day. So far today we have only talked with 5 so we got to get off this computer and go talk! HABLAR CON TODOS. That is our motto. And how many people have you Utahns talked to this week about the church. Don't tell me ZERO. If so get out there and go street contacting! I did it once with my dad in Park City. It's worth a try. Go buy some pass a long cards and don't be chickens. 

Some of the weird people we contacted this week asked us if we were Terrorists? Another guy (a plumber) when I invited him to come to church he asked me if I was single then invited me to be his partner (ew no!). 

Stephy will be baptized this Saturday! She is the smartest 9 year old in the world! That is what I will be doing for Valentine's Day. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day. I have learned how to LOVE. How to LOVE all. It was hard for me when I first got here in the mission field. The whole day I walked around thinking about myself. Thinking about how homesick I was, how much I wanted to eat food from home, how much I didn't want to speak spanish or practice another lesson that I didn't know how to teach then have my trainer tell me what I did wrong. People would tell me how bad I couldn't speak Spanish. Negativity at it's finest. I didn't enjoy waking up in the mornings. Ugh Another Day (so I thought). Don't let me fool you I am so great right now. This was when I got here. It was HARD. I got discouraged and counting the days. Well people I can tell you that missionary work was never easy! Do you think Christ had a jolly time being persecuted or Joseph Smith. Nope they didn't and neither did Hermana Stringham because she didn't know how to LOVE. Today I am a different person. Yeah it's okay if we teach 20 minutes longer and I have 20 minutes less of free time in the night time, because I am helping someone. I am trying to love someone and give them what I love most. THE GOSPEL. I used to live the gospel but now I LOVE the gospel. It is apart of who I am. 

That is my long spheeellll. Don't be suprised. Every missionary feels this way they just don't have the guts to write it. 

Through trials come blessings. Through trials come STRENGTH. I am a stronger person than I was a year ago. Thanks to these last 12 months. Happy One year to me this thursday! 

Love you all, Remember go share some pass a long cards!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Stringham 
Dogs on roofs. It's an everyday thing

Lice - Big and little brown bugs....YUCK

This is Sarah's email from last week.  She resent it today....:D

Hello World!!!

How is February treating you all! This last week we saw a lot of tender mercies. First off we have a goal to talk to 15 people everyday. Our mission pres wants us to find new investigators. This week we have the goal of talking to 100 people. This last week we talked to 88 so I know it is possible. One day this last week we decided to knock doors when our appointment fell through. We never do this, because everyone is outside of their houses, because inside well it's like a hot hot sauna! We also started Piano classes! The first class we held 9 people showed up. Not to bad. I know we will find new investigatores through piano. It's funny because everyday I do what I hated to do before my mission.TEACH.I have never liked teaching but I have had to get used to it because that's my job 24-7. I teach the gospel, piano, English, singing (because no one can sing here), how to pray, how to be obedient, how to love, how to forgive, how to repent, how to recieve an answer, how to listen for the spirit, how to cook American food....and who am I to teach all this? Sometimes I am blown away at the trust God has in 18 and 19 year olds to teach the most important message on this earth. 

This last week I even pulled lice out of a girls head. Yuckkkk! I was very fascinated because I had never seen lice, but also very disturbed. She had a ton TON of lice. Big and little brown bugs in her head. This little girl saw how terrified I was and began chasing me with a lice bug in her HAND! Gosh I about died. I tried to freak out and be calm. The whole night I kept itching my head. I just pray I am lice free. 

You know how I told you there were 25 people at church last week? Well our whole branch has been very worried about the number of people who are attending. We have 305 members and look at how many are inactive. After much fasting, praying, and work yesterday there were 80 people! I was so happy. Our Branch president even invited us over tonight to eat ice cream haha because he was super happy. 

We are teaching a girl named Asusana. This girl is 12 years old and has warts all over her hands and feet. When we arrived at her house she was crying because he mom had just cut them all off. Her hands were wrapped in bandages. She doesn't like to leave her house because kids make fun of her. They don't have money to see a doctor. But oh how my heart sunk deep for this girl. I am learning to have the love the Savior has for each of his children no matter who they are.  

I am starting to talk in English like Spanish. Sorry kids. I might say things weird in my letters like"I have 20 years." or "Lets go to the house of the Smith's." Things like that. Everything is all messed up in my head. 

Anyway, I feel of your prayers and love all around me. Being away from home makes you realize all that you have. And I can tell you all we have a lot. So stop complaining! God is good to those that keep the commandments. It's that easy! 

Love you all,

Hermana Estringum (funny storry this is how my comp spells my name)