Monday, February 23, 2015

The guy chopped my hair -Who cares!



Sue!!!! Thanks for the package!!! BAHAHa I died when I opened it. She sent me a Schnozola.  When I need to laugh I just put it on. You are the best!! 

This week started out rough. Last monday after pday finished we went to teach a family we found in the Plaza that were really interested. We got there and the husband, straight out told us that everything about our church was wrong and we can't come back to his house ever again. Okay so we thought. Great. Then later we went to the Plaza to contact. We met this older guy who asked me if Jesus really came to this earth where did he come? I said he came to Central America. He responded but what countries? Ummmm I don't know exactly but CENTRAL AMERICA. I told him I know that He came the Americas. But then he got all smart alicky and said, you girl need study, you don't even know your own doctrine. Ughhhhh. A few days later we met another guy. I started to talk about Christ with him and he said, but I don't believe in any of this. What? What do you mean? He said I don't belive in God. Are you serious I thought. THE FIRST PERUVIAN THAT DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GOD. I was kind of taken back and felt a deep sadness. How could you not believe in God? How did this world just come about without any supreme being? 

So that was our week. God really tested my testimony. Not that I ever doubted my testimony, but I felt kind of weak. Thoughts of discouragement came like what am I doing why am I here kind of days. 

But we also saw good days. L an 8 year old, crazy child almost uncontrollable. We have been almost begging him to listen to us for the past 4 months. And he will listen somedays, but then we return the next day and he tells us never to come back because he wants to go to the Evangelist church.We have never given up on him. He has had many baptismal dates that have fallen through, but this last week we set up a baptismal date for sure! March 14 and he accepted. He is changing each day....we also have learned to bring him candy that really helps too. But yes our prayers are being answered. 

We also have another investigator.---he is our pencionista's husband's son. Kind of confusing. But we are teaching him. He is 12 and he has a baptismal date for March 14 too! 

Besides that.....

well I cut my hair today. Because it was super damaged and dried out. The guy chopped my hair.......I don't have a picture but next week you will see. It's not terrible but not the most attractive.

Who cares! 

I love you all. Press Forward With Faith my friends!!

Hermana Stringham

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