Monday, March 9, 2015

God Answers Our Prayers

We saw Mickey and Minnie in the Plaza - We had to get a picture!
Hola Amigos y Familia!!

Michelle Madsen!!! I got your package thank you thank you! It made my whole week.

Hope you are all doing well this week. This last week was kind of a mas o menos week. My comp got sick, so I tried my best to be her mom and give her animos. God heard our prayers and she got better. 

We have Noche Misionales each friday night. This last Friday we were in charge. We planned it like an hour before everyone arrived but it turned out well. No one including me had any ideas of what we should do for the activity! Ahh sometimes I feel as a missionary that my brain and creactive juices are all dried up. I remembered that Cynthia had sent me some ideas like 8 months ago of ward activities. So I pulled it out. Thanks for saving me Cynth once again. We went with the "Iron Rod" idea and blind folded everyone. It turned out well! 

Some other news....
My piano classes are going well. I had a new student come this last week with her mom. The 10 year old daughter isn't a member but her mom is a less active. Her mom hasn't attented church in 10 years, and they came to my piano class! Whoop!!! I know that this is just the first step but it's a step. The mission is all about baby steps. We have a bunch of babies (investigadores) they are all taking and learning to take their first steps. It's great! It's even better when they learn how to swim and they get dunked in the font. 

This week we have two baptisms planned! J. who is the son of our pencionsita. and L. who is C.s son. The one who makes pizzas. So please please pray that by Saturday they won't change their minds. I've got to fast for those boys
The daily moto rides

The worst news of the week...are you ready? 
This last week my Hermana Justiniano taught the young womens (woman....only one showed up) different cool braids. Someone was practicing on my hair and_________my worst nightmare came true. She pulled out a "piojo" better known in English as "lice." I freaked out and through it on the ground! We all freaked out and started itching our heads! No this can't be I thought! Remember that one time when the little girl named Teresa through her lice at me? I thought she was just trying to mess with me. Turns out she has a good aim. I don't want to say more. But don't worry people they will be out in 3 hours. 

A boy about 5 years old called yelled at me in the street "Como te llamas NINA?!"
A dog was chasing after me and his owner yelled out "Queire carne blanca!" (He wants white skin!)
I could go on an on. People yell at me all day. I just smile and wave. Smile and wave. 

Well that's all I've got for you all this week. I am doing great am love this work. I love my Savior. This last week he has answered my prayers and he is giving us blessing daily. 

Words of advice: Have FHE, Read your Scriptures daily and with your fam, Pray ALWAYS, and be somebody who makes everybody somebody.

Love you all,  Hermana Stringham

At Zone conference in the Stake Center

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