Monday, April 6, 2015

I will go where you want me to go dear Lord

This last week has been another crazy and super super busy week. 

I made it through my first intercambios! I remember before my mission when church leaders would ask me to do something (give a talk, visit someone, call her, such and such). There was always an option whether to accept the call or not. Now In the mission Pres Rowley gives us assignations but I realize it's not just him, it is God. Heavenly Father is literally guiding my life. He tells me where to go and with whom I will go. I just have to OBEY. Like Nephi "I will go and do what the Lord commands me." Well the Lord has another calling for me he wants me to continue to be an Hermana Leader. In the most lejanos area there is! 6 hours by bus.  I finally have seen the beach! Whoop! It's been a while....
I am with Hermana Mascias (First Mexican I am excited!)she has been out 16 months so as you would say it I am going to matarla (kill her.. in mission terms). I too will probably die here. The church is newer here, there are mosquitos like you aint seen, and I am gonna eat a lot of sea food. Through all the trials come blessings and I become stronger. That is what I am here for right? Yeah! 

I said goodbye to Hermana Copa. I was only with her for 2 weeks and oh how I wanted to stay with her. She is the best. But am also really happy to get to know Hermana Macias. 

This last week I got to have intercambios with Hermana Shill from Mesa Arizona and Hermana Gonzales from Mexico. I think I learn more from them than what I actually try to teach them. A year ago I was put with Hna Shill and Hna Kaeding for a few days while our comps had to travel to Lima. We struggled our way through the lessons, as we were all fresh from the U.S. we laughed at ourselves and the things that happen when 3 gringas are put together in Piura. Well I was able to teach again with Hna Shill but a year later. It is amazing to see that we can actually teach in Spanish without a problem and our confidence has grown. 

When I was with Hna Gonzalez something interesting happened. We were walking one day when the dad of our investigator came running up to us and yelled "Estrellam!" (Stringham) "My daughter has a bad spirit, a demon has entered her body!" She couldn't walk and was yelping because she was seeing spirits. I have always heard of these bad spirits but I had never seen someone with this problem. We called the Elders to come to rescue with their priesthood. However her dad kept on saying "I got to baptize her right now!" He believed she needed to me baptized in the Catholic church right there and then. We tried talking him out of it but he refused. So all we could do is call the Elders to dedicate their house. It was kind of a disturbing experience but I am so grateful for the priesthood in my life. 

Hermana Maria had a dream and saw Joseph Smith! ...everyone has visions here...Though I won't be there for her baptism I am so excited for her. She is progessing so much. We also have a baptismal date for a 9 year old named Dayli. Her parents are less active. 

Anyway, I loved general conference!! They talked a ton about marriage and kids so brothers get on it! 

p.s. today I traveled to Tumbes without a companion! haha I was with two Elders. Talk about strange. The bus almost left me because I was in the bathroom and one of the Elders had to come holler

my name.....embarrassing! 

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