Monday, June 15, 2015


June 15, 2015

Another week has passed. I hit my 16 month mark. OUCH. My comp Hermana Macias finishes her mission in two weeks so at this point we are trying to SEIZE THE DAYS. Because time is short. I can't believe it but tomorrow I will give my last testimony in my last multizone. Tomorrow will be the last time I see President and Hermana Rowley too :( It's all coming to an end slowly but surely. But I am taking it all in these last months! 

Well this last week wasn't so good our baptism fell through....because Hermana Doris had to travel to Piura for a few days and missed her baptismal interview. However we will WILL I am sure of it (if they both pass their interviews this week) have 2 baptisms this week! Hermana Doris and Hermana Margori! Whoop! This Friday. 

On Sunday they are dedicating the Trujillo Temple, unfortunately we can't travel down there but we will be able to see the dedication on Sunday in our church! 

This last week I had intercambios with Hermana Dionicio! She is from Northern California! We had a blast. First off she is darling and such a strong girl with all that she has had to go through in life. She is a recent convert (1.5 years) and the only member in her family. Second, we got to laugh a lot and talk in English. Third we ate American food---hamburgers Peruvian style....not to shabby,. We taught and visited a lot of less actives and taught them about the temple to get them excited to see the dedication on Sunday. 

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Fun fact: Tumbes is loaded with crickets right now! They sometimes jump on our faces when we are sleeping. Mom and Dad they don't fry the crickets here like they do in Cambodia so please eat one for me and send me a picture!
I made "Coconut Stuff"

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