Monday, June 15, 2015

Run to the TEMPLE

It's been a full but awesome week! DAD HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I love you so so much!!! 

First off we had multizone conferences this last week. We said goodbye to President and Hermana Rowley as well. They will be leaving this next week...:( But the multizone conference was awesome. In President's last testimony to us he said, "I can promise you all that WE will live the gospel all of our lives." He then shared a scripture Mosiah 2:15-16 "I tell you these things that ye may know that I can answer a clear conscience before God this day....I do not desire to boast, for I have only been in the service of God." I love that scripture! I want to finish my mission with a clear conscience and be able to look in the eyes of my bishop with NO REGRETS. He told us to do 3 things in our lives.
 1. Pray-morning and night (and at least one time with your spouse)
 2. Read the Book of Mormon every single day
 3. Keep your covenants
President and Hermana Rowley have been my parents for 16 months, and they will be greatly missed. I will never forget how much President LOVES the Book of Mormon, and Hermana Rowley saying "Tome agua."'s the solution for everything when you are sick in Peru.

Our baptisms went through!! It was the best baptism of my whole mission. Very stressful as always. We got to the church and waiting about 30 minutes for everyone to show up. When we were all ready to start (late at usual) one of the Hermanos thought that we would provide him with Baptismal clothes...ahhhh nope we didn't have baptismal clothes for him. The Elders had to run home and bring some clothes. Thennn Maryori changed into her "Bata"-----what do you call that in English? Anyway her white baptismal dress and it was transparent. Hermana Macias and I ran home RAN. We arrived aout 10 minutes later but SWEATY. So don't judge these baptismal pictures. The hair that was once straight, and the face that was once pretty got ugly in 3 seconds when we started to run. 
FINALLY everything was set..we started the service 45 minutes late..again no suprise. Then we opened the baptismal font door to find a bunch of crickets swimming haha. We just threw them out in the hall fast. No biggy. 

Afterwards Hermana Maryori and Hermana Doris gave the most heartfelt testimonies I was shocked. I have never felt the spirit that strong in one of our baptisms. A ton of members came too to support which was awesome except for the screaming kids. 

We went home that night very very satisfied and we felt the heavens were happy too. 

I had intercambios this last week with Hermana Carrera from Trujillo! 

Saturday we watched the cultural event that took place in Trujillo and Sunday was the temple dedication! It made my whole week! Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Bednar, and Elder Godoy came. I learned a whole lot. 

Elder Uchtdor said, 

"Each time a temple is built Satan's power on eath is lessoned and God's power is more fully manisfested." 

"Being temple worthy is a standard we can and must have."

Elder Bednar talked all about doing OUR temple work not THE temple work. 

"The greatest work God has given us to do on earth is temple work for OUR DEAD. OUR DEAD NOT THE DEAD." In D&C 124 it stated "Your Dead" three times. 
"Temple work is all about OUR FAMILY not THE FAMILY." 

"Remember that the names that will be so difficult to find will be our own family names. When we were baptized our ancestors looked down at us with hope that we would offer them freedom....In your reunion with your loved ones you will see thier eyes with either gratitude or dissapointment." Depending on what we do to help them in this life. 

My testimony of the temple and of temple was strengthened. Maybe the whole Stringham geneology has been done but I know that the Carabine side lacks. If I have to I will go to Italy to find names. I love family history! We have a goal to send one name each transfer for every recent convert and rescatado that we have. The spirit of Elijiah is working in me.. 

Elder Uceda stated 5 things we must do 
  1. Have a picture of the temple in your house
  2. Buy your temple clothes NOW
  3. Have a current temple recommend ALWAYS
  4. Fill our your "My Family" book------mine got lost by the way
  5. Visit the temple frequently
Hermana Macias and I like the first sesson so much that we attended all three sessions. 

Sorry this is a super long email but my parents aren't online to chat with me and lots of good stuff happened this week. 

I love you all CHRIST LIVES. Run to the TEMPLE because I can't!! 

xoxo Hermana Stringham

p.s. Hermana Macias and I put our beds together because she always gets scared at night. Last night she woke me up because she heard a scary cat-then she says "You are so good Hermana, you are going straight to heaven." I love that girl, it is our last week together :( 

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