Monday, June 8, 2015

I looked down at my shirt and it was NAKED! I forgot my namebadge!

June 8, 2015

Hola all! 

This last week we went to Piura for our Leadership Meeting at the Mission President's house, as always it was the most spiritual day ever! We ate sloppy joes...which before my mission I wouldn't eat, but in Peru they taste good! 

As we were at the bus station waiting for the bus I looked down at my shirt and it was NAKED! I mean I forgot my namebadge! Yay it's happened before, but I was going to a meeting with the President. YIKES. I didn't want to risk missing the bus to go get my namebadge so I just hopped on the bus and let my hair down to cover it up. Luckily not many people or missionaries noticed thanks to my hair. We went in Piura for 2 days. After our Leadership Meeting on Wednesday we were headed back to Tumbes when they told us that there is a big protest on the way to Tumbes. There are always protests...they through bricks at the bus and burn the we had to stay in Piura for one more day. Which meant 3 days without my namebadge...ooops :/ 

Anyway it was our last meeting in the mission home with President and Hermana Rowley. Kind of sad. They taught us a lot about repentence, family history (we have a new goal to send more names to the temple), how to correct missionaries when they break rules. All that good stuff. 

Bad news . Yesterday our investigator Maryori didn't come to church because she didn't have water or electricity in her house, and she didn't want to go to church without showering....which means she won't be baptized this week. It's a requirement to go to church 3 times for 3 hours each time to be baptized. Pray that she will be come to church this week and be baptized the next. 

Doris our other investigator will be baptized though this Saturday! Her husband makes excuses still to not be baptized but I know with time he too will. And that's a FAMILY! 

Have the best summer week!!!!!!! 

love you all,

Hermana Stringham

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