Monday, May 25, 2015


Lunch last week on P-day


15 things I have learned in 15 months (really I wrote 16 because I forgot they eat and cut everything including meat with spoons) 
Hey all!!!

How was your week! My week was full of tender mercies!!! We have been teaching an 18 year old girl named Margori. Her mom is a less active. We found them like the first or second week I got to Tumbes walking around with our list of less actives. Every since then our history with Margori and Maria (her mom) is history. Margori has come to church twice and is slowly getting rid of her strapless and bellyless (is that a word?) shirts. Whoo! She has come to church twice and loves it. And this last week she finally said that she really wants to be baptized June 13! I smiled big when she said that :) 

Next blessing... Hermana Dorris (is the wife of Jose who is in a wheel chair) they both attend church every week now and love it! Jose doesn't have a strong testimony yet and feels embarrassed to be baptized with one leg. Dorris on the other hand finally understands why she needs to be baptized and she said she will do it JUNE 13 BABY. Two children of God are getting dunk for the eternities. 

Our other investigator, Harold, had a baptismal date for June 13 also, but he got Degne Fever this week and went to Lima. He should be back this week but we will have to postpone his baptism. 

I feel so overwhelmingly blessed these days. God hears our prayers it's us that don't listen to HIM. 

This last week we were teaching that family I told you about last week (The Luna Family) and we felt and hurd something rumble and a bright bright flash of light, kind of like gun shots/fire works/lightening. I have never heard something so weird and scary. As we were committing this family to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet. BOOOM CHAGA BOOM!!! Hermana Macias jumped from her seat. The mom Hermana Jacky also stood up fast to get her baby, the kids dropped their toys, and I just opened my eyes WIDE. I thought someone was bombing Tumbes! We all ran outside and found all of Tumbes on their front porch (well street) looking into the sky. I don't actually know what happened because we can't watch or read the news, but I think it was just lightening. Some say it was a meteor that fell from the sky and landed in the ocean. Who knows what actually happened Saturday night but it was a good memory at least. 

Anyway I love this gospel and I love being a missionary. 

Have a splendid and wet week. 

"Decisions Determine Destiny." ---President Monson

So choose them wisely my friends. 
An Old Fashion Eye Checkup

Hermana Stringham

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