Monday, May 4, 2015

"For when I am weak then am I strong."

Hey Mundo! 

First off Happy Birthday Grandma Lucy!!! Sorry I am a little late like always.  

This week has been a roller coaster. First off I can't believe it is May!!! Wow time is flying. This last week started out terrific. I had a visito de trabajo (intercambio) with Hermana Maidana from Argentina here is Tumbes. We learned a lot from each other and at the end of the day ate Tres Leches for dinner (I am on a real healthy diet I know it). We challenged FOUR people to baptism and they all accepted whoop!!! But only 1 of them attended church yesterday, so we have got a lot to do before we get them in the font. The 1 investigator that is progressing a lot is a miracle story. He is an old investigator of Sisters who were here before us. He had a baptismal date for January but had to leave to Lima, and the sisters couldn't ever come in contact with him again. It was like he disappeared! He wouldn't answer his phone. Nada. Just this last week he showed up at church and found us. His name is Harold by the way. We have had two lessons with him, and he is awesome. He is reading the Book of Mormon (he is in 2 Nefi 16), he had a testimony of the church before we even began teaching him! He is Golden. Harold came from the Lord. He is a miracle and a blessing. God is hearing us over here in far away Tumbes. 

The rest of the week went a little bad....we have had water (to bathe ourselves) only about 3 times this week, which calls for a smelly apartment and sticky suzncreen/mosquito repellent legs. After I taught English classes this week we went to a Family Home Evening with some investigators at the Bishops house. We were in such a hurry and we piled 5 people in a small moto that I spaced out and left my Book of Mormon in the moto!!!! NOOOOO! That book is my life! When I found out I felt more hurt then when I lost all of my money, credit card, and drivers liscence in my first transfer. This book is my first Spanish Book of Mormon and it has all of my notes, plus my family history book with all of my pics of my fam and stories. Ahhh. I was frustrated. A few hours later when my anger was calmed a little I thought of the scripture "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." Then I thought, someone has my Triple right now and maybe that someone is reading it and will be baptized later. Yeah I guess I had to sacrifice my Book of Mormon to help someone else. 

Labor day came around this week. Holidays in Peru are the worst! Before the mission I loved them, but in the mission they have become my worst enemy! The whole city goes wild and gets crazy drunk. Men yelling "Amigita, venga!" or they try to hug us. That's not the worst part...they don't let us sleep! There were 3 parties going on outside of our apartment. We could here 3 different Spanish songs playing all at the same time. They finally shut the party down at 4 am. GUYS BE GRATEFUL FOR A NOISE POLICY. 

Today I read a scripture that calmed my troubled soul. 2 Corithians 12:9-10 "For when I am weak then am I strong." This ended this week feeling very week. Everything was going wrong. As I read this scripture today God once again told me "Hermana Stringham. Be calm. I just want you to be stronger." 

My goal this week is to lift up my head and be a little stronger. I hope you all have the best week and look for the positive. Don't be a negative Nelly like I was this past week. 

Love you all!!!! I can't wait to talk to you this Sunday!


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