Monday, May 18, 2015

Ahhh I am freaking out


Sarah's screen on Mother's Day :D
Wow this week has been one to remember. It started out great. We started out strong trying to contact every person in Tumbes, because it was the last week of transfers. Wednesday came around and my comp Hermana Macias wasn't feeling to hot. Well she was actually really hot. I took her temp with my thirfty thermometer and it read 103 degrees. Of course she doesn't understand how high 103 is because everything here is in Celcius. I just said "oops Hermana you've got a high fever." I practiced my nursing skills and put cold rags on her forhead, and tried to fan her in our ever so hot sauna room. Her glands were all swollen and had a hard time talking to me. In the mission there is not much you can do when one is sick, just pray no mas. We had splits and I went out with a hermana in my ward. 

I went with Hermana Sandra. She showed me a house that the hermanas had visited before. It had been 3 months since then but we decided to knock on their door. As the daughter opened the door her face lit up! She yelled "Hermanas!" I had never met this family but they invited us in. We found one! Another family! God has been hearing us over here. And they are married!! That's like a miracle in Peru. They have 3 kids. We asked if they had been reading their Book of Mormon and the mom Jacky said no, but the 9 year old daughter shouted I have! She is in 1 Nefi 8. My testimony was strengthened in that moment. This little child is so pure and good. She is reading the Book of Mormon without even being asked! 

Thursday arrived. I woke up feeling ugh a little week to the stomach but I shrugged it off. We had intercambios with the Hermanas in La Cruz (a small town 30 min from us). Hermana Macias was still feeling sick, but Hermana Rowley told us to do the intercambio anyway. So we went to La Cruz. I was supposed to take turns with the with one Hermana in the morning and the other in the afternoon because my comp was sick. I first left with Hermana Pleitez from El Salvador. She took me up a STEEP dirt hill. I was dying. I wasn't sure if it was just because I was out of shape or if it was because I was sick too. When we finally reached the top I was sweating so bad but the view of the beach to my left made it worth it. We kept on walking and walking, until I felt woahhhhh woahahhh "Hermana I need a bathroom." We found a members house and I used the bathroom (a concrete hole in the back yard). Oh man I was about to faint! So I told Hermana Pleitez sorry but I need to go back home. 

Gas Station
We got back to the apartment of the hermanas and I crashed on the mattress, Hermana Macias was on the other mattress. Hahaha we came to their place to just get sick. 


We went back home and called it a day. 

Moral of the long story it all passed and I feel great. My comp was left with a cold. 

In church you always have to be on your toes! Teachers don't show about every week. So I was chosen to teach gospel principles again and relief society. I taught the relief society about the Book of Mormon. Very few of them are reading the Book of Mormon so I kind of nicely yelled at them haha. 

Transfers came and my comp and I are staying here!! Whoop! We are happy!!!

Love you all and have a very good week!!!

p.s. I only have 12 weeks left. It's like 1 obsidian challenge! Ahhh I am freaking out!

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