Monday, April 27, 2015

JUST KEEP GOING.....(Sorry - I thought I put this on the blog last week :(

Hey fam and friends!!!

This last week was a little bit spanish there isn't a word for sketchy all I can say is "Que Raro" sometimes there aren't words to fill my thoughts in spanish. On Mondays I have to spill out everything in my guts to you guys in English (SORRY). 

Anyway. I am thirsty to find and baptize a family that can be sealed in the temple. My comp is too. It's always good when we are on the same page. We are both finishing our missions but haven't found a family! Ugh it's my biggest dream right now. We decided to fast this last week. My fasts are so much more real and better in the mission. They are harder because we are sweating our eyeballs out every second but it makes the fast that much more powerful. The day we fasted we decided to talk to every couple we saw in the street. Each family we talk to the husband always talks to us and the wife always keeps walking like she didn't see us! We were a bit frustrated that no one wanted us to set up an appointment.So I said "Hermana Macias lets pray." At this moment we were in the center of Tumbes. It was 8:15 pm motos passed, people walked by without saying hi, and the street was all dark because the lights don't work. We stood in a corner and I said a prayer. As we walked more and felt like our feet were going to fall off we talked to 2 more families, but neither one of them wanted us! Ugh I thought why??? We are fasting, we are hungry, we are tired, we have prayed, and still NOTHING. What is wrong with us??? Well we walked and walked and contacted 5 families in all. Only 1 out of the 5 would accept an appointment. That night we got home exhausted and didn't feel to satisfied with the day. I don't know what will happen with the one family that decided to listen to us that night, but I know that when we put forth all of our strength in this work we cannot fail. 

God will try us in life until we feel like giving up. When I feel like falling over I just have to sing in my head  "just keep going just keep going" (Nemo......just keep swimming). And that is what life is all about people. We just got to keep going, no matter what faces us. 

Soledad is progressing really well! She attended a baptism this last week and came to church, but her 2 little rascals didn't let her listen to a word of sacrament meeting. When the kids cry Hermana Macias and I pull out all the candy and cookies we got just to keep them quite. When those are all gone, it is a lost cause. 

I am teaching English classes in the church, and EVERYONE wants to come. We are hoping we will find new investigatores! 

Today I went to the Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I felt in heaven. I felt like I was not in my mission. We also played soccer in the sand, and ate lunch on the beach. It was just great. 

I love you all and I am so grateful to be a missionary. Be GOOD! 

Hermana Stringham

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