Monday, January 26, 2015


Look Mom - I know how to hand wash clothes!!
  Hey Guys! 

How is everyone doing? I hope well. I am doing fabulous! Our recent convert Carola has a son named Luca. He is 8 years old. With all that has happened in his life he resents God a little. But poco a poco he is changing. We are teaching him and he has a baptismal date for the next week! It is a miracle. He is probably the hardest boy ever and we really have to be creative to teach him. I love teaching kids So we are hoping for 2 baptisms Feb 14 Stephy and Luca. Mom you asked me if I am teaching. Yes I am teaching a billion people there is no time or space to write about everyone one of them. The Peruvians let ya right in! But then they tell you they are Catholic and aren't gonna change. I always say "We will see about that." We found a new family. A rock awesome family. The first time we contacted them the husband asked us where and when is our church and then told us his family will go to church the next day. And they did! The last 30 minutes they showed up at church! I was so happy. Weird the things that make me happy in life. 

We don't have enough time or days to find all the references we have our schedule is always jam packed and as you can imagine we return each night darn tired. But that is the best part. Having your shoes filled with sand every night when you get back. Your neck sunburned. Your hair frizzy because of the sweat. THIS IS THE MISSION PEOPLE. And I couldn't be happier to be here! 

Oh and guess what we reactivated someone this week! The son of my pencionista. To reactivate someone it is a process of at least a month usually longer. We have been working with him since I got here. 

We also through a surprise birthday party our last p-day for Hermana Carola our recent convert! She had never had a party and was quite touched. I don't have pics....but it was a fiesta! We didn't do anything against the rules don't worry. I just ate my cake and pizza. 

Well not everything is jolly in the mission. Like yesterday when we got to church and only 30 people showed up......ouch. That kind of hurt. There were people visiting from the stake and they pretty much told us missionaries that we don't work. Because in their ward the missionaries work harder, there aren't enough seats for everyone in her ward. She called us fat. Hahahahahahaha. It's okay. Someone has got to say it! But WE DO WORK. We work hard.This Sister doesn't know, so I forgive her. We just laughed it off. 

This time of the year it is summer break. The ninos here go crazy with their water balloons and water guns. We have to watch out. It is called "carnivals" and all the kids through water balloons. I was riding calmy in the bumpy moto when a little nino ran up behind me and their water all down my back. "Que Rico!" It was delicious. If I can't swim I can get water thrown down my back. 

Yesterday was my comps birthday! Our pencionista had us over for dinner like always. For a delicious tomale, chicken, popcorn, cookies, and cake.MMMmmmm. 
I tried to be a good comp and make my sister a banner for her bday. I woke up early and attempted to blow up these balloons in the bathroom. Hna Justiniano totally heard me and I dropped the banner a billion times and tried to tape the balloons. 

We also had room inspections.Man I really don't like them. We were up all night trying to clean our room for the President. They are too hard on us. We must have cleaned well because they gave us candy. 

Well I love my life. I love you all. And miss you all. I pray for you daily!!!!!!!!!! 

xoxo Hermana Stringham

PS We made No Bake Cookies today. But it was a fail. The oatmeal here is all flakey. But for Peru it was pretty delicious I guess. 

We hiked a hill today at 6 am. I pulled my comp out of her bed.....poor girl-

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