Monday, January 12, 2015

Disgusting Hairy Chicken

I recieved letters today! Hurray!! Thank you Jermans, Longsons, and John and Jan Stringham. I LOVED your christmas cards, I cannot believe how big and beautiful the Jerman family is! Julia is 12???WHAT. My mind was blown today. Anyway thank you all for thinking of me. 

Transfers were today I am still in Chulucanas, but with a different comp. Her name is Hermana Joliiiii.......... ahhhhh awkard I forgot her last name! it's a hard one and I can't ask her right now because I feel dumb asking her her name. I will have to get back to yall next week on the name after I study some more. I have only been with her for a few hours, but she is from Bolivia and is 19 years old! I am excited to work with her! She just finished her training so kind of a newby still--the best. 

This week wow I don't know what but Hermana Guachalla and I have the worst luck. 

First. Hermana Guachalla one night pulls out a cell phone that wasn't ours. I asked WHAT IS THAT? She looked at me and said OH NO. I forgot I had the zone leaders cell phone. We placed it on the table almost afraid to touch it. It was the ZONE LEADERS cell phone. They are an hour and a half a way. What do we do now??? Haha it kept buzzing everyone from the mission president's wife to members were calling their phone. We didn't answer a single call. The next day finally we returned it and felt a little better. 

Second. I attempted to clean the dirty bathroom. I placed my hand on the sink and plunk it fell down! It's my strength I suppose, but yeah we had to call the owners today. I hope it will be okay.  

Third, This marriage deal with our investigador is a headache. We are only missing ONE paper, but if we don't find it they can't be married. I now understand why no one is married here! It's quite the hassle. But please pray that we will find it. 

Fourth, My horror of chicken here. Man I have eaten so many chicken with their hair still on it! It's like they kill the chicken then give it to me. I am disgusted with chicken, but ya got to eat it ;) 

One of our investigadores came to church yesterday her name is Stefani. We want to invite her to be baptized this week. Carola our recent convert is on fire! She is now the first counselor of the Primary. She is so excited to start her calling and be a visiting teacher I love it! We are working a ton with the members here in our branch. They are few. But I love Chulucanas! MInus the heat. It's got to be past the boiling point in Chulucanas. 

I love you all. Keep me in your prayers. You are always in mine! Have the best wintery week! 

xoxo Hermana Stringham 

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