Monday, February 9, 2015

Lice - Big and little brown bugs....YUCK

This is Sarah's email from last week.  She resent it today....:D

Hello World!!!

How is February treating you all! This last week we saw a lot of tender mercies. First off we have a goal to talk to 15 people everyday. Our mission pres wants us to find new investigators. This week we have the goal of talking to 100 people. This last week we talked to 88 so I know it is possible. One day this last week we decided to knock doors when our appointment fell through. We never do this, because everyone is outside of their houses, because inside well it's like a hot hot sauna! We also started Piano classes! The first class we held 9 people showed up. Not to bad. I know we will find new investigatores through piano. It's funny because everyday I do what I hated to do before my mission.TEACH.I have never liked teaching but I have had to get used to it because that's my job 24-7. I teach the gospel, piano, English, singing (because no one can sing here), how to pray, how to be obedient, how to love, how to forgive, how to repent, how to recieve an answer, how to listen for the spirit, how to cook American food....and who am I to teach all this? Sometimes I am blown away at the trust God has in 18 and 19 year olds to teach the most important message on this earth. 

This last week I even pulled lice out of a girls head. Yuckkkk! I was very fascinated because I had never seen lice, but also very disturbed. She had a ton TON of lice. Big and little brown bugs in her head. This little girl saw how terrified I was and began chasing me with a lice bug in her HAND! Gosh I about died. I tried to freak out and be calm. The whole night I kept itching my head. I just pray I am lice free. 

You know how I told you there were 25 people at church last week? Well our whole branch has been very worried about the number of people who are attending. We have 305 members and look at how many are inactive. After much fasting, praying, and work yesterday there were 80 people! I was so happy. Our Branch president even invited us over tonight to eat ice cream haha because he was super happy. 

We are teaching a girl named Asusana. This girl is 12 years old and has warts all over her hands and feet. When we arrived at her house she was crying because he mom had just cut them all off. Her hands were wrapped in bandages. She doesn't like to leave her house because kids make fun of her. They don't have money to see a doctor. But oh how my heart sunk deep for this girl. I am learning to have the love the Savior has for each of his children no matter who they are.  

I am starting to talk in English like Spanish. Sorry kids. I might say things weird in my letters like"I have 20 years." or "Lets go to the house of the Smith's." Things like that. Everything is all messed up in my head. 

Anyway, I feel of your prayers and love all around me. Being away from home makes you realize all that you have. And I can tell you all we have a lot. So stop complaining! God is good to those that keep the commandments. It's that easy! 

Love you all,

Hermana Estringum (funny storry this is how my comp spells my name)

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