Monday, January 5, 2015

I Could Breathe for a Minute........

Happy 2015 WORLD!!!

We spent New Years Eve well different this year. Our pencionista invited us to dinner. We ate fried chicken, fries, paneton, and hot chocolate. A delicious mix. New Years is probably bigger than Christmas here. The people go wild. They have human sized dummys and they burn them. For what purpose I don't know....They also get their suit cases and put the heaviest things they can in them. Then they make a lap around the block and make a wish to travel somewhere I think. Something weird like that. Of course they blow a bunch of fireworks too, drink and dance the night away. 
We made a human sized dummy of an Elder who just returned to his house and then burned it. Hna Guachalla and I stayed up until 1 am in our lovely apartment. We lit a few fireworks, and made 12 wishes (One m&n for each wish). We couldn't find grapes, but we always have chocolate ;) We also made a toast to 2015 with AGUA. I don't think I've ever made a toast with water but it was exciting. We had a good night. 

 Quickly this last week.........

We had intercambios (sleepover). I stayed in our area. Got ourselves lost of course. I spent the day with Hermana Ciseneros she is from Ecuador. We had a great time and I learned a lot from her. 

We went to a Mango Farm today with a few members and the Elders! I was in heaven. I felt like I was back at Vinhagen.  I forgot all of my stress. I could breath for a minute. We played with water balloons, climbed mango trees, played with a slack line, ate chicken and a load of rice. It was a dream.

I ate a mango for breakfast and dinner almost everyday. They are sooo good.
Purple Mangos!! Mmmmmm

We prayed for a baptism goal. We do this every month. We start with a prayer and end with a number. I've done this with every companion. Most of the time we think of different numbers, and question well who has the spirit today? haha. But with Hna Guachalla for the month of December and January we have come up with the same numbers! It's amazing how the spirit works. 

My USB has a virus and I lost a lot of pictures of my first area......kind of really sad.What should I do to back up my pictures so this won't happen again??

God is putting litterally placing people in our way it's amazing. On Saturday we went to a members house and found someone who lost her son two years ago. We got in a little arguement about how some churches can't dance, but at the end of it all this sister was crying and wants to come to church. Yesterday the same thing happened. We were in a family home evening, when two random people walked in. Turns out this guy prayed that this year he would find good people to help him. I can't even explain my lessons with you guys, but I definitely know that God prepares people. The spirit is so evitable(is that a word?) anyway I know when I feel the spirit when we are teaching and when I don't. It's amazing. 

I love you all sooo much!!!! 

I loved the banner the ward sent me THANK YOU!!!!

xoxo Hermana Stringham

We had another wedding last week!

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