Monday, January 19, 2015

"It's like these people have never seen a white girl!"

Hello Everyone!

This last week it was all on me...Hermana Guachalla is gone. She is the sweetest comp I have ever had and we cried. Well she cried. I never can get the tears out in the moments most needed. She taught me so much--how to work with members better and how to love every person. Anyway our area is pretty BIG! So I was kind of scared for her to leave. But with my prayers and your prayers I have been able to find my way around Chulucanas just fine! 

My comp I figures her name out phew! Hermana Justiniano. She has her Black Belt and knows how to box. So I don't mess with her ;) She speaks a Bolivian vocabulary which I don't understand. Lots of the times I just nod my head and say hmmhmm. She likes to laugh and eat so we get along. Speaking of eating Chulucanas and my pencionista are giving me the chubs. But two days this past week we went running! And man were my legs were sore. I haven't had a comp since my training (8 months ago) that would run with me, so I am very happy that Hna Justiniano will go running with me! 

Yesterday I gave a talk in our small branch about temples. I shared each experience I have had in the temple. When Marianna was sealed when I was 5, doing baptisms for the first time when I was 12, and receiving my endowment when I was 19. I really felt God put words into my mouth and the gift of tongues. Later we taught singing time in primary! I loved it and I am jealous that mom gets to teach primary every week. So much better than Relief Society. 

We are teaching a 9 year old. Her name is Stephy. She has a baptismal date for Feb 14! Her parents are less actives so we are reactivating them as we teach her. She is the smartest little girl and always keeps her compromisos! 

Today we went shopping in the Market. You guys know what the markets are like in Cambodia right? Yeah well it is the same. Smells like fishy yucky stuff, trash everywhere, people hustling, motos passing by, and people yelling to me "nina bonita!!" STARES. and more STARES. My comp said to me "It's like these people have never seen a white girl." When people hollar at me my comp gives them the death glare. Hahaha at least I know I am protected. 

I know the God answers my prayers. I am so grateful to be in Chulucanas. I have feel in love with this small quaint city, and I know my time is not wasted! I love you all and hope you have the best week! 

Hermana Stringham

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