Monday, July 28, 2014

Training a Nuevacita! Ahhhhh

Buenas Tardes Todos!

Marianna and Brandon thank you for the Letter and quotes! I am glad to here everything is going well. I was wondering if you two were living?! I hope Frankie gets over the allergies! Kristin Christensen!! Thank you for the package! It made my day! Abby Jones and Katie thanks for the letters!! I felt really loved today. You people don't know how much letters mean to me, they are money.  You are going to be in Jackson this week! I can't believe it and I can't think about it either. Have so much fun and ski some good runs!

Guess what....I am going to train a nuevacita! Ahhhhhh. I am a Little bit scared, but I feel at peace. I know these next three months will be more of a growing experience for me than my companion.  I am in Piura right now. I will be in a trio for a few days, until my companion arrives on Wednesday. I have a training in the misión home tomorrow and on Wednesday. Please pray for me. Today we traveled to Catacoas in a tiny Little combi (van) stuffed with people. There is a bunch of cool stuff in Catacoas, I bought a leather purse. BAD CHOICE...I didnt count my money right. I don't have any money, but I will make it hopefully.... the Lord will provide!

The missión truly is FAKE IS TILL YOU MAKE IT. It's amazing how far you can go with that in mind. I got Cynthia's letter today! Thank you Cynthia for reminding of my favorite quote from Gwen McConkie LET IT ROLLLLLLLL. I want to make that my motto. Everyday there are moments of "I don't know what I am doing or saying or hearing right now." But I just keeping going, keep walking, and keep on rollllllling! My área is really big and that's what scares me the most. You people all know how great I am at navigating...especially in a foreign language!

I am sitting in the missión office right now companionless waiting for other hermanas to pick me up. I just said goodbye to Hermana Rios litterally 2 minutes ago. It's crazy how close you get to your companion. Not every moment with a companion is beautiful, spiritual, or peaceful haha but you learn so much from each companion. By the end of the transfer your companion truly feels like a sister.

We have a new investigator! Her name is Alexendra she is 19 years old. She wants to be baptized but needs more time. She has a problem with drinking, but she is changing and coming to church every week. She is not in our área I don't know if the Elders will let us keep teaching her.

Ricoberto! He wants to be baptized so badddd, but he can't because he is not married. Right now he is not on good terms with his wife either. Marriage is not likely at this point. We are not sure what to do with him. 

We reactivated a member this last week! Whoop! Reactivating someone makes me just as happy as having a baptism. Well actually I don't really know how happy a baptism will feel but it will be a happy moment!

I can't even think right now. So much has happened this past week and I can't remember any of it! My mind right now is running at a millllion miles per hour.

Some of the daily things I here in the streets in good ol' Sullana:

New Jersey!
I would die for your love!
And lots lots more........

I hope you all had a grand week! I've got to write the Pres. Choi (is that how you spell choi? No se....)

xoxo Hermana Stringham

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