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This past week has been great! I am training and I love it!! I am a "mom" in the mission! I know you are all praying for me, because I feel at peace. I don't feel inadequate because I know that with whatever the Lord calls me to do he will provide a way for me to do it. I received my new comp (hija--daughter) on Wednesday. Her name is Hermana Valencia. She is 19 years old and is from Lima. We get a long really well, we kind of have the same personality so that's always good. When I met her I told her that I need her just as much as she needs me. We are learning together. Some people laugh because I am still a nuevacita myself! But we are happy in Sullana!

I know the Lord is helping me with this new task. I feel like I can finally understand mostly everything in Spanish not totally but I can get around! Big applause for me! yayyy! I am doing so well and am so happy! I also feel like the Lord gave me a big whooooshhh of energy. 

Hermana Valencia

I love cambios because it's always a time to improve. We are working really hard to find new investigators. We are hunting people down and throwing our message in their faces! Something sad happened this week. Nuestros bauptismos se fue al Lima. Rosa and Hiara (mom and daughter) traveled to Lima and were baptized there without telling us!!!!!!!!! Noooooo hahaha. Don't know how it happened but it did.Those baptisms slipped right before my eyes!

Right now we don't have any investigators with a baptismal date. But we are working a lot with Alessandra (19 yrs) she is awesome. She goes to church every Sunday and always has food prepared for us :) We are really close with her. We are going to learn how to cook Peruvian desserts in her house next Monday! She wants to be baptized but she feels like right now is too soon, she wants to wait until October....I have faith she will be baptized this month. Pray for her. We are still working with Alejandro and Renato, both go to church every week but don't want to be baptized. I don't understand some people. But I am learning to have a lot of patience.
This last week I felt 3 earthquakes! Yesterday we were sitting in a lesson with a old sweet man who just lost his wife. He was crying to us when the floor started to shake for about 10 seconds. It was definitely the strongest yet! I looked at my comp and was trying not to laugh then I looked at the sweet old grandpa in front of us as he began to recite some prayer. I asked myself if the Savior came right now would I be ready?
I feel like I am forgetting everything about home, my life before. I guess that is a good thing because it means I am not thinking so much of the things at home. But I don't want to forget the people who do the most for me. So I want to thank you ALL for all of your support, letters, and prayers. I am so blessed to have a family who are all faithful members, friends who encourage me to keep going, and the Lord who puts experiences and tests in my life to make me stronger. I love the scripture in Ether that says "I give men weaknesses that they may be strong." We have to see our weaknesses and our debilities before we can grow.

I know this church is true. Share your testimony with everyone! Don't be shy! We all have a great responsibility. One day the Lord will ask us what we did to share the gospel with our neighbour who lived next door for 20 plus years. What will you have to say?
xoxo Hermana Stringham 

My last compantion
Failed jumping pic with my threesome from last week

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