Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Joys of Peru

Hermana Stringham and Hermana Kaeding

Hola Familia y Amigos!
This last week was probably the hardest yet! haha. But I am loving this work. I know I have been gone for five months but I still feel like a newbie gringo, and I am. I finally feel like I am getting into the roll of things (it's about time Sarah)! I was thinking about how our life is kind of like a mission. I believe we all had a "MTC training" before this life. God prepared us well and sent us off on our way. Now we are here on earth serving our missions and trying to fight the evil, so that one day we can return with honor. It's not easy. I love a quote by President Monson. He said, "The difficulties which come to us present us with the real test of our ability to endure." It is our decision whether we "shall falter, or whether we shall finish." Our challenges allow us to become something different from what we were--better than we were. I am so grateful to be on a mission. It's not always the easiest thing, but I can already see that I have changed. My mind has been opened. We can all return with honor, don't give up! President Uchtdorf said, "You are stronger than you realize. More capable than you can imagine." I love that quote. We can't even see how strong we are. Christ didn't make us weak. We have the strength in us!!!
Anyway, I had the biggest tender mercy this last week. So my comp. had to go to Lima for her Visa. I was supposed to stay with another Sister in Piura, but she never showed up at the airport. I wasn't sure who I should stay with for the next couple of days. I was companion-less. But then Hermana Kaeding showed up at the aiport!!!!!! Her comp went to Lima also, so me Hna Kaeding and another gringo Hna Shills were a three-some for three days! I got to be Hermana Kaeding's comp again, it was like good old times. Instead of teaching fake investigators we got to teach real people together! We spoke full of English for three days. We bought hamburgers, and had a big slumber party. I slept in a twin bed with Hna. Kaeding. And we talked and talked. It was hard to wake up the next morning. But so worth it. We were in a pretty sketchy part of town one night and I had all my baggage with me. So we decided to book it to our apartment!  it was pretty funny. The joys of Peru!!!! Hermana Kaeding truly is like a sister to me. I am so grateful to have her with me.
So I gave a talk in church yesterday about "La Obra Misional." I shared a story--something that happened this last week...
After I picked up my comp at the airport we were driving to the bus stop in a taxi. I was sitting in the front and there were three sisters in the back. The taxi driver asked if we were Elders (like usual) "No somos HERMANAS. Gracias" He told me his kids are Mormon. I asked him why he wasn't and if he had ever prayed to know it was true. He stopped me in the middle of our conversation and asked me how old I was. I told him my age. And he said wow I can really feel the power when you speak. He asked me how he could pray to know if this is true. I told him and committed him to pray that night. I am praying that he received his answer!
It's moments like these when I realize how much God is with us when we simply "Open our mouths." As I was talking to him I was able to understand every word he said, and I was able to answer every question he asked. Truly I felt the gift of tongues. 

So dad I used your suggestion in my talk . Remember when you shared with me D&C 33:8-10. It repeats three times OPEN YOUR MOUTH and it shall be filled. So like I challenged my ward, I am challenging you all to open your mouths!! It's scary I know. But you don't have to have a badge to do it. You were all born in this age and day. Whether you like it or not God chose and saved you for this day. This is the day to share the gospel. We are ALL missionaries.
This is my last week with Hermana Rios. I can't believe this transfer is already done! I have learned so much from Hermana Rios. Last night we were talking to each other about how God has taught both of us a lesson during this transfer. Time is so crazy. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me next!
....Our investigators. Man oh man no one is progressing. But I am not letting it get me down!
Te amo!
Hermana Stringham 

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