Monday, July 14, 2014

Sick with NO Water......

oh and this is my bed. its a little claustrophobic

Mom you asked about my new pencionista as always. My pensionista cooks really really good!!!!!! She is pro. I am so thankful. And she gives us just the right amount. This week we didn't have water for a couple of days. I happened to get sick :( I must have eaten something dirty. But not having a toilet that functioned and being sick was a little rough hahhaaa. I need not say more. Our district leader called us one of these nights that we were without water at 10:15 and said President is coming to inspect our apartments tomorrow morning. WHAT? We about died. Our place smelled horrible, we hadn't cleaned this last week because we didn't have time, and we didn't have water to clean....bad combo. Soo Hna. Rios and I ran to our pencionista's house and borrowed some water. We then attempted to mop and clean the whole place with the little water we had. Thank you mom for packing me with a travel size feebreez. It was used well.
The next day....President Rowley and Hermana Rowley drove to our apartment. They probably looked around for about 3 minutes then President Rowley said Hermana Stringham get your Capeta de Area (I don't know what the name is in English but it has all the histories of our investigators) and planner. Ahhh he is great man but I'll be honest It was nerve racking. My comp and Hermana Rowley went in the other room while I talked with the President. He grabbed my planner and scanned everything. Looked at my goals. EVERYTHING. Then he said show me who you taught last night in your planner. Then he said who here has a baptismal date, (luckily we taught Hiara and Rosa that day who both have a baptismal date..TENDER MERCIES).. He asked me to show him their history. He gave me lots of advice and counsel. haha it's something I will never forget. Anyway I survived the moment. And I am here writing you again. Time is going by fast. This week I reached FIVE months!
And guess what? We didn't have a baptism. Alejandro fell through. He said once he recieved his answer he would be baptised. Well he has his answer. Then he said once I finish the book of Mormon I will be baptized. He hasn't finished the Book of Mormon yet but we tried to set another baptismal date with him but he wouldn't. Hna Rios and I feel like we have tried everything we can. I think he just needs more time and a little spoon full of humility. But one day he will get there. You would think he is a member. He gave his friend a Book of Mormon the other day, not even members have courage to do that!
But good news is Rosa and Hiara will be baptized for sure! I am not exactly sure when but it looks like it will be sooner than August 20!
Ricoberto attends church every Sunday and wants to be baptized, but he is not married!
Our investigators really aren't progressing much. We are constantly on the hunt for new investigators. The life of a Missionary.
Tonight and tomorrow maybe the next day too I will be in Piura with 2 American sisters! My comp has to go to Lima for her Visa.
Last night we had a lesson with a family who is less active. It's great when I am talking and the people are staring right at me and then I ask them a question and they get this confused look on their faces. Yeah it happens a lot. Haha last night I asked the mom how she feels about Joseph Smith, she just looked at her son. Her son then said sorry you know your tongue is a little hard to understand because you're from Estados Unidos. Hahaha in these moments I just want to laugh and my comp was on the verge of laughing. Just a daily occurrence I thought I would share. But I am working on it. I am trying to speak slower, louder, and clearer. That's they key.
I love you all! I am learning so much it's incredible and I have no time to write it all!!!!! But keep pressing forward. We all have a purpose and a mission to accomplish in this life. God lives and loves each of you!!!
xoxo Hermana Stringham 

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