Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maybe I Smell ;-D

Hello My Peeps at Home!!!
My life is so up and down. Really it is a rollercoaster. I remember Emily Nydegger saiying in her emails how in the mission you have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. So true. This last week I have learned a lot about prayer. First off I had to teach Sunday School yesterday! AHHH. And the topic was prayer. In the CCM I learned that whatever our investigator needs the missionary who is teaching also needs that message. Interesting but I believe it. I needed to study prayer. Giving a lesson to a room full of adults in Spanish was not as breezy as it is for most missionaries. Gosh I barely know how to say a prayer. Okay I am not that bad. Anyway I am learning I have to rely on the Lord. I have to ask him for help in everything, even help to finish the avocado on my plate. I am helpless without Him. I prayed to the Heavenly Father really hard this week. I couldn't make it through the week without His help. D & C 42:14 ´´The Spirit will be given to you by the prayer of faith.´´ I need the Spirit so so BAD, always. I know that when I have the spirit no matter how bad I slotter this language my investigators will feel something.
And prayers are answered. I feel my prayers answered more quickly here than I have ever before but only when I desire to have them answered and I have faith in the things I ask for. This past week I lost one of the pearl earings dad gave me before I left. I was devastated I wears those things everyday. It reminds me of my family of my dad. This things I love most. I prayed lots. That night I was sitting in my bed eating my cereal when I felt the tiniest little bump under my sheets and I knew exactly what is was! My day was made.
Another story this one is probably more important than an earing. We have an investigator Maria. She has so many challenges. Her husband cheated on her and left her with three young kids. She has almost taken her life three times. I love her so much and I can feel the love Heavenly Father has for this young mother. Anyway she has a baptismal date! Annnnd she attended church yesterday with two of her kids. POR FIN (FINALLY) an investigator assisted church! Really I have noticed when I don't have faith in my investigators nothing happens. I need to have faith as much as my investigators do. Side note----I invited Maria to be baptized. First off I said Hermonita Rosa usted seguira el ejemplo de Jesu Cristo...blah blah. Hahaha my companion nugded me ´´it´s MARIA!´´ Oh shoot. Yeah Rosa was the name of our practice investigator earlier that day when we were role playing. Then I starting apologizing in English and didn't even know it until we had left my comp told me I was speaking in English. After all that she still said YES and she went to church. booyahh. It is not for sure she will be baptized though she still hasn't fully prayed to know if this is true. So please pray for her. 
We had one day this past week where all the newbies in the mission got to meet with President and Sister Rawley and have our questions answered and feel a little better about ourselves. It was great! I got to see all my amigas in my old CCM district and be fed spiritually.
Today we went to a wheeler farm--raging waters type of place with our district. Okay maybe not as quality as raging waters. They only had one slide thank goodness the temptation was too bad to handle more water slides. I got to hold a dirty monkey and turtle! It was a lot of fun! Not a single person was there haha I hope business will make it. Anyways that was my week. I am doing great and learning every day. I am sooo grateful for this time in my life. It's hard yeah it's hard but it is oh so worth it. 

We had companionship inventory this last week like always except this time my companion told me I should probably wash my hair more. I guess every other day isn't enough. Maybe I smell? I shower everyday I promise!!! I get there someday.
Have a good fun filled week. I love you all so much!  
Our apartment. this is on the first day! its pretty nice i cant complain! other than we dont have a mirror. I get ready in the reflection of the window.

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