Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day = Day of the Drunks

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Oh Family

What can I say. Yesterday was the best day. It was SO GOOD to talk to you. And hard to, I try not to cry as I type. But really it felt like no time had passed since I talked to the fam. Talking to you lifted me up. Susie Astle thank you for  your letter!! It was an answer to my prayers. I loved the analogy of the blackberry bush. Things start out rough, ugly, but in the end a bush can bloom into something beautiful! Just like I know God is molding me into the person I can be. We cannot become the people we were meant to be without some heartache, prickles, and work. I know God is with me and His Angels are round about me to lift me up when I am down D&C 84:88 (thank you mom and dad). I often like to imagine my Savior walking by my side or Grandma Marian cheering me on as I lead the congregation in the worst hymn every  sung. 

Ward Activity
Anyway, this past week was a little slower than usual. We had a hard time finding people. One night all of our appointments fell through. No one was home.   Yesterday was Mother's other words a day
Tres Leches
of the drunks. They go crazy here every holliday. We are told to take advantage of the Saturdays and Sundays in the mission field because that is when people are home. yeah... no that is when the people fiesta all night longgg. Yesterday we tried to proselyte for an hour but no one was home and it is dangerous so we went back to the Agguire's house. They really are the best family. There house feels a little like home. They are also really good cooks. We have eaten at their house four times now. Everytime afterwards I feel like I have a rock in my stomach from all the food, but it is the best food I have found yet here. 

It's winter here yet it feels like the firely furnance. They call Piura ´´la ciudad de eterno calor´´----something like that. Basically it is the hottest place in Peru and I can testify of that. I sit in lessons and feel the sweat drip down my neck. It is great!  We had a mother's day activity with our ward on Friday. Hna Rivera, Analy, and I performed a skit. hahaha I wish you could see it. Peruvians love to make fun of each other and are brutally blunt. I played hna Rivera, Analy acted as me, and Rivera acted as Analy. They talk in my gringo accent. Things like COMO SE DICE ANALY? QUE ES TRABAJAR? YO TENGO PLATO PORQUE YO SOY AMERICANA. Everyone was dying of laughter. 

Maria attended church yesterday again! That is TWICE. That means she can be baptized this upcoming Saturday, but she is kinda iffy about baptism still. We have an appointment with her tonight and we will see where she stands. But I pray, hope,and have faith that she will be baptized. If not this week in the future. 
A toast to mother's at the Bishop's House
Another investigator we have who is progressing well is Evelyn. She said she prayed and feels that our church is true. She knows it. Yet she does not feel prepared to be baptized. We are trying to teach her to have faith. But how else can you help a person feel prepared to be baptized?
Kevin Olaya. Won't attend church because of his work.. He sells ceviche. But he too doesn't want to be baptized because he is afraid he will fall back into the same ways. He currently is sober but is scared he will mess up again after his baptism. 
Another investigator Rosa won't come because she sells fritos on Sunday. I don't know what fritos are but I don't think they are worth more than her salvation. We are going to teach her tonight. 
Milenka is 12 years old and very very excited about the church. But then again she didn't attend church..... 
That's the run down on the investigators we have others but they aren't progressing too much. We need to find new investigators this week. 

I am so priviledged to be doing the greatest work on this EARTH. Really this is the only time in my life I can consecrate everything I have to others and to Christ. The gospel is marvelous. I know it is true. I love my family so much.  Thank you for your constant prayers.  

xoxo Hermana Stringham

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