Monday, April 14, 2014

Helpless - Not Hopeless

Buenas Tardes Familia y Amigos!

To answer your questions first:
My companion is so great. I feel terrible for her though because I feel so helpless. She does everything. I try to do my part though, but I am still trying to figure this mission thing out. She is a bit of a perfectionist. But she really is so patient and loving. I don't know if I could handle a hard companion right now. It`s hard to communicate with one another. I usually understand what she is trying to get me to do, but lots of the time I just pretend like I know where we are going or what we are teaching. hahaha. I think she can see right through me though. She knows I am a clueless American. She really is like my mom. Always telling me to watch out for the crazy drivers, or what I can and cannot do. Telling me to finish my rice..... but she is great and I love her!!! 

The hardest thing here is definitely the language. I didn`t think it would be this hard, but yeah at times it is frustrating and isolating. But I know with time it will come, I'm not worried. It is also so hard not to fall asleep in our lessons. It is so hot and I try so hard to concentrate on what they are saying but sometimes my mind wanders and my eyes fight every thing in them to keep open. I`m working on it. 

Our area is so tiny. We walk the same streets everyday. There is no city or anything in our area. It is honestly is made of up only sand and little houses. I truly am living in the desert. Our apartment is pretty nice though. Every morning we scream though because the shower is the coldest thing ever. We have to sweep everyday because we have a window that is always open and loads and loads of dust come in. I usually shower twice a day because my legs are covered in dust by the end of the night. 

We had Zone Conference last week. It was fabulous. My zone performed a skit. And they made me be the narrator because of course I have the worst Spanish accent. But I loved Zone Conference. President Rawley is really pushing us to using our family pamphlets and get people to do their family history work. 

Our ward had a talent show on Saturday. It was supposed to start at 5:30...didn't start until 8:00. Peruvian time. It doesn't exist. But it was a lot of fun! It was like an American Idol. I enjoyed listening to the Peruvians sing. They can't reallly sing actually, it's pretty bad. I thought I was tone deaf. No not even close. The missionaries (there are 6 of us in our ward) are not allowed to sing or dance so we did some small moves to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, it was actually pretty funny. I wish I could send you the video. While I was sitting there watching them perform I had an aha moment. It is so weird sometimes I think what in world am I doing sitting here with these crazy people!? But really I am so happy to be serving a mission. I know it is the best thing for me. 

Oh and sorry no pictures today, I forgot my camera cord :( 

The best part of my week was getting a baptismal date! Yayyyy!! My first one. We have a golden family. A dad and two kids (13 and 8 years old). Jose (the dad) wants to know his purpose in life. There is no doubt that God has prepared this family. I invited them to be baptized. I was so nervous and sweating greatly. Jose and one of the kids said yes to baptism! But then they didn't come to church. I know they will though. After I challenged them to baptism I was filled with the Holy Ghost. And that is when I finally felt the joy of sharing the gospel. I want this family to have the gospel in their life so bad. 

Today has been an excellent p-day. We went to the markets in another town and I bought a llama sweater :) 

I know more than I ever have before that this is the only true church. We are so blessed and we take it for grantid. I love you all so much really I do. 

Adios---Hermana Stringham 

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