Monday, April 7, 2014


Hola Amigos y Familia!
Latest in Piura.
Guess what. I got to listen to General Conference in English!!! Such a tender mercy. It was just what I needed too. I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk on being grateful. HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. That is what I am going to work on. Being grateful doesn't mean we are pleased with our circumstances, but we look to the future with faith in God. We can trust in God. I also loved Elder Bednar's talk. I loved conference!
Well the latest in my life. We don't have any solid investigators. It's a little frustrating because literally everyone and anyone will sit and want to talk to you for dayzzzz about religion or their child or who knows what. But in reality they won't make a change. LIfe here is chillaxed. But I have never ever met nicer people in my life. They are so so sweet. And they say things about me and laugh, which I am grateful because I get sick of laughing at myself in my head all day. I am finding the drunk men always listen to me. I start talking to them and don't realize they are slurring their words or drunk because to me Spanish all sounds the same. I just smile and knod. Let me tell ya you can go far with just a smile and knod. Men here walk around with their shirts rolled all the way up while they rest their arms on their beer belly because it's hot. haha it's pretty funny. One drunk guy tried to kiss me yesterday haha I had to do the duck and stick out my arm real fast move.  
I got sick from something this week. Not a big deal. But I had a funny experience. My pecionista tried to help me get better by rubbing an egg all over my body, then she would run to the wall and pretend to throw up, and then rub the egg some more on me. I had no idea what was going on but I thought she was really throwing up. So I was trying to ask her if she was okay and tell her she didn't need to ´´heal´´ me anymore. Turns out she was just reinacting me. haha. Then she cracked the egg in a class of water and we watched the egg white patterns sway. She told me that the way the egg whites were moving and laying in the water meant that I was feeling embarrassed. Not really sure what that means but I guess I shouldn't be embarrassed or I'll get sick again.
All of my days this last week seem blurred all together. We do pretty much the same thing every day. Exercise. Study. Study. Study. Lunch. Study. Proselyte. Teach and visit with less actives and investigatoes. And Family Home Evening. They feed us crackers and juice for every gathering. Kinda a weird mix but I'm not complaining.
Missionary work. We have made a goal to have or find (not sure which one) one person to baptize this month. I know we can do it, but we need faith. Right now we don't have really any one person progressing much. They don't keep their commitments, don't attend church, don't pray etc. But I feel confident that we can find one person who is ready to make a change.
I know that My Savior lives and knows me and every other person. We are all in this life together trying to make it back to the same God. So help a neighbour out. Don't just invite someone to a church activity but follow up. God is putting people in each of your lives. You have the knowledge and power to help them. ´´DARE TO BE DUMB´´ That was my district´s motto in the CCM. If you feel dumb after trying to invite someone to church then good do it again. There is no harm, just another person's salvation on the line.
´´ In the choices we encounter we commit a fatal crime if we do not take advantage of a priceless gift called time.´´
This is the time to prepare to meet God Alma 34:32. Don't waste it.
I love you all so much and appreciate you all so much more than ever before!
xoxo Hermana Stringham

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