Monday, February 9, 2015

I used to live the gospel but now I LOVE the gospel!

So we have really upped the talking this week. My mouth might be dry from talking so much. Haha no just kidding! You would think as missionaries that we talk with EVERYONE we see. (That's what you all think hehe). Which is well partly true. Our lives are so so busy and sometimes excuses come into my mind as ah there is no time to stop and talk with her we are late for this next appointment. Well this last week we reached our goal and beyond! I have never talked to so many people in the streets in one week! We talked with 107!!!! That's a new record. 15 people a day and sometimes more. So this week we have a even better challenge 18 people a day. So far today we have only talked with 5 so we got to get off this computer and go talk! HABLAR CON TODOS. That is our motto. And how many people have you Utahns talked to this week about the church. Don't tell me ZERO. If so get out there and go street contacting! I did it once with my dad in Park City. It's worth a try. Go buy some pass a long cards and don't be chickens. 

Some of the weird people we contacted this week asked us if we were Terrorists? Another guy (a plumber) when I invited him to come to church he asked me if I was single then invited me to be his partner (ew no!). 

Stephy will be baptized this Saturday! She is the smartest 9 year old in the world! That is what I will be doing for Valentine's Day. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day. I have learned how to LOVE. How to LOVE all. It was hard for me when I first got here in the mission field. The whole day I walked around thinking about myself. Thinking about how homesick I was, how much I wanted to eat food from home, how much I didn't want to speak spanish or practice another lesson that I didn't know how to teach then have my trainer tell me what I did wrong. People would tell me how bad I couldn't speak Spanish. Negativity at it's finest. I didn't enjoy waking up in the mornings. Ugh Another Day (so I thought). Don't let me fool you I am so great right now. This was when I got here. It was HARD. I got discouraged and counting the days. Well people I can tell you that missionary work was never easy! Do you think Christ had a jolly time being persecuted or Joseph Smith. Nope they didn't and neither did Hermana Stringham because she didn't know how to LOVE. Today I am a different person. Yeah it's okay if we teach 20 minutes longer and I have 20 minutes less of free time in the night time, because I am helping someone. I am trying to love someone and give them what I love most. THE GOSPEL. I used to live the gospel but now I LOVE the gospel. It is apart of who I am. 

That is my long spheeellll. Don't be suprised. Every missionary feels this way they just don't have the guts to write it. 

Through trials come blessings. Through trials come STRENGTH. I am a stronger person than I was a year ago. Thanks to these last 12 months. Happy One year to me this thursday! 

Love you all, Remember go share some pass a long cards!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Stringham 
Dogs on roofs. It's an everyday thing

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