Monday, December 22, 2014



I am excited for this Navidad. We have 2 different dinners with members and we plan on caroling in the plaza. I plan on eating a lot of turkey and panetone (sweet  bread). I will let you know how they celebrate the Navidad here  in Peru next week.  

This last week we had our Christmas Zone conference. It was spiritual for half of it then we had some fun. We watched a MOVIE!! I felt on cloud 9. We watched Miracle on 34th Street. Then we ate some greasy chicken, fries and tres leches. mmmm. The only bad part about Chulucanas is it's far from Piura. Well it's an hour away so we have to travel a lot for conferences and such. 

This week all I can think about is weddings. And no it's not my own. We are planning a wedding for this friday so our investigator Rosa can be baptized. We have run into so many problems. Satan is attacking us, and I can't say I am 100% sure it will happen. But we have planned everything out from the dress to the witnesses the only thing we lack is the shoes! She's got the dress but we don't got the shoes or rings. Oh well. The most important thing is that they get married and baptized. Rosa is 16 and pregnant. Very young but a mature thing for her age. She is honestly one of the most prepared people I have seen on my mission. Her first Sunday at church she asked how much it cost to be baptized. That's when you know they're golden. They have plans to be sealed in the temple the next year. But we are having so many problems with this wedding. I NEED your prayers. Thanks. 

Carola is going to be baptized this Sunday too! I love her. Her husband died of an heart attack 7 months ago and was left with 2 kids to raise on her own. Her life is terribly challenging. I am so very happy for her. 

Sorry guys my internet time was cut short today for lack of time I have to travel back to Chulucanas for a family home evening. I hope we make it.......I  always get on the internet and my mind freezes I forget everything I wanted to write. Like right now I can't think.

Love you all and Can't wait to talk to my family so very soon! Look your best for me. 

One last word of advice. Never plan your wedding in two weeks. It's not pretty. 

xoxo Hermana Stringham 

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