Monday, December 8, 2014

Chulucanas = Sweat ...Ants.....and Mangos !

This is my pencionista. She is so awesome and cooks great!
Hello world!
This last week. Well it went pretty well. First week in a new be honest is a little rough. I feel so lost. I don't know the street names or the names of the people I am teaching or the members. I never knew what it was like to be the new kid in school, but now I do. I started the week kind of feeling sad. Sad because I left many people in Sullana without saying goodbye. Church came around yesterday. I am in a tiny branch. I was able to share my testimony with the members and tell them how pleased God is with them. It is a sacrifice to come to church. It is not easy, but they made it. Then I saw the Christmas devotional last night. Wow so good. And I think I spotted KELLY STEWART playing the cello?! Was that her? It made me kind of happy to see someone from home. What I got

out of the conference was I am here in life and right now in the mission to do the will of my father. My earthy father as well as my Heavenly Father. Just as Christ gave his life for his father I too am giving this time to my father. I only want to do His will. Because His will is always and will always be better than mine. So what can I give Him this Christmas season? Christ. I have been thinking a lot about him after the devotional. I am still trying to think what I can give him. I hope you all are too.
A little about Chulucanas. It's a cute little pueblo. Not sure what you call that word in English. It's a quaint little town. There are tiny mountains or hills! I almost died when I saw them! I miss the mountains so much. It's really hot like Sullana but luckily in the afternoon it seems to be always cloudy. It's humid here too. I literally feel wet all day long. My clothes. My face. Sweat.

Hamburgers here in  Chulucanas. What kind of hamburger is this??
There's a million little ants living in our apartment :) I sleep with the fan full blast on my bed. My comp is hot too in the night, but all of the Latinas think it's terrible to sleep with the fan. I think I will live..... Chulucanas is the home of delicious juicy mangos! Everyone gives them out. We have about 6 in the fridge right now. Anyone want a mango? Also they are the home of peruvian ceramics. Very beautiful. I bought some pure honey the other day it should be pretty delicious on my pancakes. The grapes here are big and yummy. Dad I have been looking for Gauvas but is is a guava I need to buy or Guanabana?
One thing about Piura, Every Saturday, Sunday, sometimes Mondays everyone gets drunk. I mean EVERYONE and their dog. We walk past houses I peek inside and everyone is dancing happily with the air filled of the aroma of alcohol. They dance pretty funny even funnier when they are drunk.
We have good investigadores! One of them is named Yeliska. She has a baptismal date but she needs to get married first. In our last lesson she was cried and told us she felt something different. I explained how the spirirt works. We also have an investigador who is a widow with two kids. Her story breaks my heart. Just 6 months ago her husband passed away suddenly. She didn't want to know anything of God after this happened, but her heart has softened. Her kids and her are suffering so much. She has such a hard life. Carola will be baptized this month but I don't know when. Pray for her please.
I love you and I am so excited for Christmas! Thanks for your prayers and love.
Hermana Stringham
please excuse me for any tipos. I never revise these emails. Plus I can't remember how to spell in English, nor do I know how to spell in Spanish. So that's good. Choi!!!!!

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  1. :) provecho con los mangos! ;)... Miss ya and love ya. Analy Aguirre.