Monday, November 24, 2014


Buenos Dias!
This member helps us almost everyday! She always brings makes us empenadas also mmmm. Her name is Ceila. After spending almost every day with us she wants to go on a mission too! I couldn't be happier for her. 

Steve thanks for your birthday card. I am almost didn't see it, found it in the ensign mom sent me a week later I received the package. It was a lovely suprise! Hannah I sent you a letter today!

The weeks here pass like days and the days pass by like hours it's like I am living in God's days and hours. I really don't know what even went down this last week but I had a good week and learned something new. 
God answers prayers through other people.

In preparation for my interview with President Rowley he asked us all to study the gifts of the spirit and strive to develop, study, and fast to obtain these gifts. So first I tried praying to God. This is kind of embarassing that I am going to tell this to you all, but I prayed for many gifts one of which is the gift to prophesy. Because who wouldn't want the gift to able to prophesy and see the future? Then I soon realized maybe I shouldn't pray for a gift like that because I'm not sure how to use it. I mean who am I to prophesy? So I changed my mind I wanted to pray for the gift of Faith, because without faith I cannot obtain any other gift. FAITH is everything. Nothing happens in the mission if you don't have faith. To be honest I can never tell how much faith I truly have. I have always wondered how to measure my own faith? Or do I even have faith? 

Anywho my prayer was answered this week through different people--first in my interview with my president. President Rowley at the end of our interview said the closing prayer. In the prayer he said two times "thank you for the faith of Hermana Stringham." I thought to myself, well maybe I do have more faith then I think. Then later that same day I got a letter from my soul sista Hermana Kaeding. She wrote in her letter how she has been praying to have the faith of Hermana Stringham. She said "Stringham you may not realize it, but when we were comps you taught me how to have faith." It was kind of an eye opener for me that maybe God has given me the gift of faith I just need to use it more. 

I am going to ask you all a question that just came into my mind right this very second.
If you can't answer this question try and find where your faith is at. I think we could all use more faith no matter how strong your faith is. 
This is what I do. The door didn't open but at least I knocked. 

Well this last week none of our investigatores came to church. We always try to knock on their doors before church but we don't have time to pass by everyone. We also call them in the mornings but our cheap cell phone runs out of calling juice......whatever you call it, so we have no money I guess you could say to call people. We have a new investigator with a baptismal date. Her name is Milagros. Her baptismal date is for 27 of Decemeber. I need more faith for this baptism to go through as well. I have faith, but I just don't think she understands the importance of the baptism. 
Well. It's been great writing to you all. I hope you have the best week ever! Transfers are next week! I have no idea what will happen. So if you are following me stay tuned....


Hermana Stringham 



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