Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello World! 

Hermanas Roper & Stringham

I am very happy to say I had my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time. This last week so much happened. We had inter cambios, I went with Hermana Roper for the third time! We got taken advantage many times, because were both gringos dang it. I love talking in English wow. 

We went to Piura because my companion has survived 5 weeks in the mission (There is always a 5 week training meeting for the newbies and the trainers). I learned a WHOLE bunch about how to be a better trainer. I am trying to improve. I love training because I find myself learning a lot more. I am trying to help my companion understand the doctrine, but in the process I think I am growing more than she is...
I love the mission home - It has conditioning! 

We had interviews with President Rowley. I love interviews. It is nice to talk to someone every once in a while about everything. The mission presidents  feel somewhat like my parents. He is such a hard working president. 

And we had a baptism!!! Well kinda of two baptisms! (One for the ward and one for us). Renato was baptized, but Leandro was sick on the day of his baptism, but he will be baptized this Saturday! Renato´s grandpa Hermano Celi baptized him. It was the most precious thing. Hermano Celi is the most faithful hard working member in the ward. Hermano Celi has one son that is a member who lives in Utah, but no one else in his family is a member. He reminds me a lot of Granpa Jack. He is always cleaning the church, visiting less actives, and has been fighting for his grandsons to be baptized since Febuary! Renato has been listening to the missionaries since Febuary. I was straight up with Renato and told him that I don't know what he wants more. We can't really do much more, we have been teaching him for demasiado tiempo! He knows all the lessons, everything. He was an eternal investigator who is now a member!  

We also had a baptism for Maria yesterday. Everything turned out well for the most part, but it was probably the most stressful week of my life. We planned two baptisms in one whole week. Neither I or my companion had ever planned a baptism. STRESS I TELL YOU. Saturday we were running around trying to get the font ready, the baptismal clothes, calling all the members so someone would hopefully show up. We had to clean the whole church because it is always filthy with dirt. Then we filled the font. We left, bought refreshments, and returned again 30 minutes before the baptism was going to start to decorate the place. And guess what. I FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE FONT..... Shoot.

uh ohhhhh "Hermana ecucha agua?" 

One of those "Sarah moments" How smart am I.. Well I didn't forget, I thought I turned if off but I guess I turned the knob the wrong way. We were freaking out a little as we walked in the chapel and heard water. But luckily the construction men build drains. phew...! So everything was okay. 
Anway to say the least it was a busy week. But man it feels good to have a baptism not just a baptism, but a true convert. Renato is solid. I feel so blessed.
Hermana S

Hermana Stringham & Analy

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