Monday, August 25, 2014



The sun is up! We are going to have TWO BAPTISMS this Saturday!!!! You must be praying hard for me because I truly feel like it was a miracle. We have been waiting what seems like forever for Renato and Leandro to talk to their parents (more their dad). Yesterday it all went down. We went to their house to talk with their parents. I had never met the dad and did not have a clue what he would tell us. It was all in his hands. We all sat down and waiting for someone to start talking. I was making small talk but that didn't last too long. I wasn't sure how to pop the question we had all been waiting for. We sat in silence, my comp wasn't going to ask it. Then I remembered I am her trainer so I guess I got to go for it. But my Spanish doesn't flow like it should flow. It's a pretty blunt Spanish I speak. So I said "We are here because we have been teaching your sons and they want to be baptized." haha just like that. Then the father Javier began to speak up. He said Renato can be baptized because he has been investigating a long time and is 14 years old, but Leandro is only 9 and isn't mature enough to make a decision like this right now. Ugh my heart sank, Leandro was the one who wanted the baptism more. I looked at Leandro and his eyes began to water. I didn't know how to respond. I can't argue with parents. I have to respect their decision. But something in me didn't want to give up. After an hour and half of talking about a baptism and many awkard pauses, the parents finally agreed. We did it!! We convinced them. I was praying hard the whole time, because I literally did not know what I could tell a parent who says no my child can't be baptized. Leandro wouldn't speak up or defend himself. The whole time we were trying to get him to speak but he was silent. Finally in the end his parents asked him what he thought for the tenth time. He said "I want to be baptized." When they asked why he said "because I know this church it true." How pure and sweet he is, my heart melted a little. God was with us the whole time. Their hearts softened and it was truly a miracle that they are going to let Leandro be  baptized with his brother. 

We have been teaching Julia (less active)and her daughter Maria a lot lately. Maria will be baptized this Sunday on her 8th birthday! Julia's husband is in jail for something he didn't do, they have absolutely no money. They are the humblest people. One night after we were finished teaching them we asked what we could do to help her. She looked at us sincerely and said I don't know how we are going to make it this week. She didn't ask for food or money but we could see in her eyes that they are all starving. So we left and bought rice, oatmeal, milk, eggs, pasta, and fruit. We ran back to her little home and handed her the food. It was something I will never forget. As she opened the door her eyes were teary with gratitude. Her kids were even more happy. 

We have interviews with the Pres this week! I always enjoy them. In preparation for our interviews we need to personally study Alma 36 and 37. As I was reading Alma 37 today I found a scripture that I love Alma 37:46 "the way is prepared, and if we will look we may live forever." It says don't be slothful because of the easiness of the way. We have the way prepared for us. When the people of Moses were told that if they looked they would live many didn't do it because it was so easy. They lacked faith in God. The way is layed out for each and every one of us. The way is easy. It's not hard all we have to do is "Look to God and Live." That's my motto this week. Don't be lazy. Do what you know you shoul do. 

I love you all! Pray that these baptisms happen! Hermana Valencia and I are trying to plan two baptisms this week one for Renato and Leandro and the other for Maria. Neither one of us knows how to do it. This morning I was reading in Preach my Gospel thank goodness for that book. This is both our first baptism haha! It should be interesting. 

Alejandro finished the Book of Mormon this last week! He said he would not be baptized without first reading it. We are going to teach him tomorrow. Please pray for him. 

xoxo love you a lot.
Hermana Stringham 

Analy visited us last week! A big suprise! It was sooooo good to see her! We cooked lemon pie and oreo truffles with the other Hermanas!

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