Monday, September 15, 2014

Baptism and Another Dumb Blonde Moment.....

The biggest miracle occurred in Sanchez Cerro this last week. Thank you thank you for your prayers. They really worked. This last thursday we went to visit Alejandro. He told us he wanted to be baptized this Saturday (in two days!), but he wasn't sure if he could because he was trying to get a job. If he got the job he wouldn't be able to attend church for one month or have his baptism for one month. He told us he would give us a call that night to tell us. The phone rang at 10:10. My comp answered. Alejandro said he didn't get the job, so that meant he would be baptized this Saturday. Hermana Valencia was all happy and shouted "que bien!" I got really excited and we jumped (because we aren't allowed to dance). We planned his b├íptism in one day! Everything went really well. He didn't tell his parents though, because they would be really upset. Alejandro is honestly the best investigator and now member. He has a bright future. When he gave his testimony after his baptism he told us all the things that helped him make his decision.( He has been investigating the church for 41.5 months.) He said that my faith and story of how I chose a mission helped him make his decision. I was happy that my testimony helped his grow.
My Dinner - Cereal with yogurt and fruit and oatmeal pancake Yumm!
Miracle #2. There is a less active family who we have never visited but they are in our area. Hermana Rios told me that they didn't want to listen to her and her other comp, so we never visited them. But Hermana Valencia and I decided to stop by this week, to give them a try. Turns out they want to come back to church this next Sunday and they want their son who is 11 to be baptized! I might be gone for his baptism but truly the Lord prepared this family. Just two months ago they didn't want to talk to the missionaries. But right now they are ready and excited to come to church. (p.s. you asked when are transfers. they were last week but I will be here for one more transfer to train my bambino. transfers are Oct. 20).
They weekly report in Sullana
Yesterday I had another dumb blonde moment. I tried to ring the doorbell that obviously was broken. But hey trying never hurts...except for this time. My whole arm and hand took a hard shock. I was electricuted. It was like when Sam tried to put the two broken wires back together. I had a little too much faith yesterday.
There is this dude who always waves and stops to talk with us. We met him one night while we were making copies. One week later we were walking and we heard "buenos dias! buenos dias!" I wasn't going to turn around but at the last second I did. This guy was on the top of a building working and was yelling to us. Then yesterday he passed by in a moto, he stuck his head out and yelled "Dios lo bendiga!!!!!!" Just some of the random creepers that we have to watch out for.
Today for p day we played soccer once again. 4 Hermanas and 20 Elders. There is no where to go in Sullana. If you wondered what it looks like here, just picture Africa with a little bit more civilization.
I hope you are all reading the Book of Mormon everyday. I love that book so much. It is the key to spiritual protection. Really I don't believe someone can be close to Heavenly Father without reading it everyday. It is so vital.
Well I these are my thoughts...not sure what else happened this week. But it was a good one. I completed 7 months this week! Weird.
Love you all!!!!!
Hermana Stringham

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