Monday, September 8, 2014

This is Alcohol! Uh Ohhhhhh!

You asked a few questions... Everytime I am with Hermana Roper everyone rips us off because we are obviously two dumb blondes, but we fight the Peruvians like we are one of them! I know how to bargan and I am not afraid to do it. Everytime we take a moto the moto drivers say 2.50 soles? I then say NO 2 soles? They always agree. I have gotten more out of my shell in the mish.

On p-days, some days we have activities with the zone where we play games at the stake center. There are no pretty places to go in Sullana so we spend our days in the church basketball court, with the blazing sun. Winter finished here and now it is spring. I don't even want to see summer. The heat is kind of draining. I to keep my thoughts happy at 3 o'clock everyday when we leave our apartment but it is very hard to be excited to walk in the sun and sand. This last week I don't know why but we had about 3 days where no one was home. We walked and walked and walked. But when we get in a house it is the best thing, I forget how I feel.  

One thing that happened this week that was funny my comp was sick and I was trying to help her but my vocabulary for things other than the gospel is just straight out BAD. She was trying to tell me to her a bucket and a quetip (i don't know how to spell either anymore). Sometimes she has to play sherades with me. Last night she was telling me that her someone special was like an immediate magnet. I don't the word for magnet so then she said "You know the thing on the back of my green name badge?" That's when I understood what she was trying to say. She laughs at me a lot and tries to immitate my spanish while I make fun of her English. 

Leandro was baptized! He is the cutest little boy. I feel like he is my little brother. He thought that I was going to baptize him, haha! He asked us if we were going to be his Madrigals (I think that is what is it called in the Catholic church). He went into that freezing water font with the biggest smile, and as he came up out of the water he had the biggest grin on his face! Then he gave his testimony and said thank you mom and dad for letting me be baptized in the only true church. He is nine years old! Well almost ten. But the cutest. 

Alenjandro!!!!!!! Wants to be baptized por fin!!!!!! He has NO DOUBTS. But he has an issue with his family. His parents are fighting it and don't support him a bit. He is 26 for crying out loud. But he doesn't want to be baptized without their approval. So please pray for his parents. He is really sad that they don't support him. 

So just about 30 minutes ago I sinned real bad. We went out to eat at a restaurant called "Mi Tio Johny" it probably no it was the best restaurant yet! I ate Lomo Sal Tado. So goooood. After we ate some good food Johny the owner asked if he could have a picture with us. We of course were thrilled. Then he gave us free little drinks. What looked like was chocolate syrup with some white slush drink. My companion asked it had caffeine and the lady told us no, so we proceeded to drink. MMMM I thought it is pretty good. Then my comp looked at me with a worried look and said "this is alcohol!" Uh Ohhhhh. I sinned real bad today but I am about to repent. Next monday we are going to give Johny the Word of Wisdom pamphlet. 

Oh I love being a missionary!!! When I think about all the stress back at home my problems aren't too bad. Just the usual. Living in Peru. My testimony of Joseph Smith has really grown this week. I have been studying JST. You should all read it. He is my hero. I love telling his story. The first vision truly brings the spirit.  

Love you all,

xoxo Hermana Stringham

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