Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Hello Fam and Friends!

As you can see we went crazy and had a major CHOCOLATE overload. (Whoops - Sarah forgot to attach the picture) I haven't had American junk food in a loooonng time. My companion's head hurt from all the chocolate and my stomach grew. But thank you Mom for bringing us some happiness and a few extra pounds! It's pretty funny people here die for American treats, they have never tried anything so sweet. 

Anyway, the mission work. We are doing well. I feel like I am growing and stretching myself a lot in this transfer. My last three transfers my Latin companions led the way, but now I am the one who is supposed to know and do everything. It's good for me because I feel like I have a bigger responsibility to be an example and always do what is right. I can't mess up. But I do... I am not perfect. 

So we have been trying to find new investigators. We are talking a lot more with people in the streets. We had seven new investigators this last week, but none of them are really good prospects. We had a lot of strange lessons this last week.The people here are mostly good, but there are strange people everywhere you go, and we just happened to teach them! One of the daily strange occurances that happens is when we try and pray with a new investigators. It's quite the ordeal. We always explain to them how to pray, then we wait for them to begin. Most of the time they attempt. But sometimes they just sit and stare and it's really awkard because all of us have our eyes closed and heads bowed. We then explain once more. Try again. Well this last week we had a lot of these awkard moments where the people don't talk but just stare. They don't even say I'm sorry I can't do pray. Just something funny that happens a lot in the lessons!

This last week I lost my beloved sombrero. Very sad. I now walk around with an umbrella. You can call me "Jehovey" (Jehovah Witness). But I am not too worried about how I look. People stare at me no matter where and what I am doing. I am a giant, white, sweaty girl here. Now I just have an umbrella to add to the look! We went running this morning, more stares. It's been a while since I stretched those muscles.....
Another random fact I am the ward chorister. Well not really but they call on me every week. 
As of tomorrow I have been out 6 months! How crazy is that?? I will be home in one year! Time is flying. 

Remember Renato? Well it looks like he might be baptized soon! We are still working with him. Now his brother wants to start going to church, so that has helped Renato. Alejandro, still goes to church every Sunday. We are waiting for him to finish the Book of Mormon. Right now he is in 3 Nephi. He won't be baptized without first reading all of the Book of Mormon. But I have a lot of faith he will be baptized. We are teaching a less active who is the sweetest and most humble mom ever. Her husband is in prison for something he didn't do. She was left with 3 kids. Literally her walls are cardboard. Her daughter Maria is 7 and is going to turn 8 at the end of this month. So we were thinking great! We have a baptism!!!! Whoop Whoop! When we told our district leader last night he told us that she isn't considered a convert because she will 8 (You have to be 9 to be a convert if you have a parent who is a member). Kind of a bummer, but that's okay. Some of these rules I am still trying to figure out myself haha, oops.

There so much to do as a missionary. We are teaching investigatores, less actives, recent converts, all while filling out a bigillion papers for people, trying to help people with family history (which I don't know much about), calling, etc. There literally isn't a minute to think or rest. But I am so happy to be able to be a part of the Lord's work. I am on his errand. 

I love you all! Keep praying for me please. I pray for you. This church is true I feel it. 

xoxo Hermana Stringham

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