Monday, July 6, 2015

AHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! "Do You Believe in Miracles?

AHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  "Do You Believe in Miracles?

This week was the best ever!!! It was the start of my last transfer and we are working our bums off! It is a satisfying feeling when you can give the mission all you've got. My time left is short and I am really trying to make the most of it...which means giving up cereal and pancakes to means going until you'll drop...sleeping less...and talking a lot (with more than 100 people in one week)...I want to give my Savior all that I've got. 

So we fasted this last week for Jose and Reina (husband and wife of our recent convert Doris). The missionaries have been working with Hermano Jose since March, and recently we began teaching Hermana Reina their daughter (34 years). We have invited and invited and invited them to be baptized again and again. We were almost really to let them go. We decided to fast for them to know what we should do with them. The next day we went to their house to ask them if they had prayed or not....and they said no. We didn't loose home. We returned 2 days after and talked about baptism with them. We didn't even have time to have a lesson, but we were talking outside the door and put a baptismal date for them both. Guyssss this is a FAMILY Heavenly Father has answered my prayer after 16 and a half months!!!! I am so so beyond thrilled that a family will be baptized that will later be sealed for the eternities. We need your prayers bad because they are going to be baptized July 25. We have less than 20 days to teach them everything and I want them to have a true conversion. You can say that was a MIRACLE. 

Another miracle happened. We have a new investigator named Valeria she is almost 9 years old. Her brother is a recent RM, but her parents aren't members. She comes to church every Sunday with her brother and asked if we could teach her (she lives in the Elders area, but hey she asked US!) She is 8 but acts like a 20 year old no joke. She know the Bible better than I do! With some of her questions like what are the primary colors and meanings.....I get STUMPED! She pushes me to study more haha. She is the cutest thing every and truly not just is a child baptism but a true golden eight year old convert. OH how I love Valeria. 

We had our leadership meeting this last week in Piura with our new mission presidents! President and Hermana Rasmussen! Hermana Rasmussen speaks little Spanish but is hilarious! I love them both! They are from California. President Rasmussen served his mission in the Dominican Republic and is a intelligent, funny, direct lawyer and Mission President now. Hermana Rasmussen is a homemaker. She told us that her friend is going to chip chocolate chips and cooking sheets because she wants to make us  kind of girl. 
The week before last they were in a mission president leadership meeting with the Apostles, so they shared with us the things that they learned. Just a heads up everyone. Elder Holland and many others are praying for the second coming to come right now! Yikes. If they are praying we all must get ready because their prayers are poderoso! I would love for Christ to come today. 

I love you all. Have the best week. Oh and happy 4th of July! 
we painted a house this last week! it turned out to be an ugly orange, but better than the stained white walls right? 
My Favorite!  Hermana Kaeding

xoxo Hermana Stringham 

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