Monday, July 20, 2015

Spreading the greatest news of history---there's nothing like it!

Hey sorry I don't know what happened to last weeks message but basically all that happened last week was.....we found a new awesome investigator named Cinthia while buying icecream! And we had interviews with President Rasmussen. The rest is history I can't even remember what I wrote....

Anyway lets talk about this last week!
Yesterday we went to one of our recent converts house who used to be Catholic. She is the sweetest, skinniest, and prettiest old lady I've ever seen. Her name is Hermana Rosa. Poor thing has to climb up a mound of dirt to get to her house....and it is very very steep! Anyway she's got a lot of virgins and saints mounted on her mud wall. We have taught her the 10 commandments about 2 months ago but I guess she didn't understand the whole Don't worship other gods or images thing. So we taught it again yesterday and literaly pulled down those santitos and virgenes. We felt really bad but it had to be done, after we were done you could feel the spirit a lot better in her house. I hope she doesn't hate us. We did it with her permission. 

___ and ___ baptism is this Saturday! It is such a miracle to see them progress. They are very very slow to learn and get distracted so easily! Hermano ___ asked us this week if the Virgin Mary was virgin before and after she was pregnant....I mean I don't know these type of things gosh! Pray for them that they will pass their interview. It is really hard for them to read so we gave them the Book of Mormon for kids (with pictures) and it's changed their life! ____ won't stop telling us the story of Joseph Smith and Nephi. They are ADORABLE. Everyday we go to their house it's like a comic show. No joke. I wish you could be me for one day. 

I had intercambios with Hermana Dionicio this last week and guess what I found my first DIET COKE AND DR PEPPER IN PIURA! We felt like gringas drinking our soda. We also got really creative. There isn't pancake mix here,,,so what do we do? We bought chocolate cake mix, added one egg, and oil...and walahh. Of course we lacked syrup so we tried to make whip cream turned out more like milk with sugar..#tumbesprobs. 

Yesterday I gave my last talk in the mission...I talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy because it's something that they really struggle with...especially the spending money part. I kind of spoke really directly and "los queme" but I had to do it my lay I talked to two different  members what their moms cooked them for lunchaast talk. I told them if they don't have food in the fridge, don't go out and buy it! Make Arroz con Huevo! (rice with egg). Later that day I asked two different members what they ate that day for lunch. They both answered "Arroz con Huevo." I was so proud. 

Today I recieved a call at 6:30 a.m. and heard someone ask "Hermana Stringham?" I said "Si" turned out that a member from Sullana had traveled 5 hours to Tumbes just to see me! Wow I was amazed. Her name is Ceyla this is her in the picture below. We went to the Ecuador border today too.. 

Love you all! I know this church is true with all of my heart and I love spreading the word! The greatest news in the whole world is that the Savior lives! And His church is on the earth today! Spread this news if you haven't already!! BE BRAVE AND CARRY THOSE HANDY PASS-A-LONG CARDS. 

Hermana Stringham 

p.s. this week as I we were walking at about 8:00 p.m. a moto driver past by and touched my bum.......sick.....!!! 
p.s.s. we were followed by a man yesterday who was going to rob us. Luckily some guy in the street caught on and shooed the guy away! --guardian angels people. 

Family History Fair 

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