Monday, October 20, 2014

The Drink of Death.....


The Drink of Death
It has been a week to remember. I am gonna tell you all about my week, because it was too funny to keep it to myself. So we started out the week just great, the same old. Then Tuesday came and 3 of our investigatores invited us to lunch. So we went to lunch, and everything went down hill from then on. They ordered me a drink called "leche de tigre." yuck!  Warm milk with shell fish. Guys I ate mini octupus, squid, and I don't know what else because it was unrecognizable and incomprehensive in spanish. But a ton of sea animals. In my drink! I don't like milk either. A double wammy. But I chugged it and they all laughed at me. Then we stuffed our faces with fried fish and a whole bunch of "suavacita" carne. After I finished my Leche de Tigre I was relieved inside and decided to eat what I thought was a red pepper. Turned out to be the hottest pepper here in Peru. My mouth died and I felt fire inside. My face turned as red as my dress. Ugh I was so ready to leave that restaurant. 
The Ortiz Family

The next day.....Hermana Valencia and I woke up with 102 degree fever. Hermana Valencia was vomitting luckily I wasn't. I tried to get up to work but couldn't. I've never stayed a day inside so I felt like a rebel, but we decided it's better to rest. Later that night we had an appointment we couldn't miss so we got dressed and left the apartment half dead. Wasn't a smart idea. I came back to the room that night with a cold and even more tired then before. Yeah the next day came, we were still the same. My companion told me she saw a spirit in our room (definitely halucinations). We just layed in bed the day following too. It was horrible - but kind of funny. We watched mormon messages to pass the time. My sweet companion made me oatmeal and oatmeal pancakes every morning. It was some good bonding time in the room this week. And I made a decision to never eat shell fish again. Why did I eat it in the first place? I never liked fish anyway. 

Another story for the week. There are flies here everywhere! We were eating with our pencionista one day and I took a sip of my juice and felt something in my mouth. I pulled it out slowly and saw a live fly! Ughhhh yuck. Not again. 

It wasn't a very pleasant week of eating. I prefer to not eat right now. 

11 Baptisms
We ended the week well with the baptism of Franco! We had a massive baptism in the stake center. President and Hermana Rowleycame. There were 11 people baptized just in Sullana! It was the coolest baptism I have ever witnessed. The turn out was great too! We all watched the baptisms on the big screen! There was a camera at the baptismal font so we all could see each baptism! We saw everything. Even the feet that popped up. It was a great day and my last day with my amiga :( I love Hermana Valencia so much! 

Hermana Hualingua! 
Zone Conference Sullana
Guess what? I am still here in Sullana! I thought for sure I was leaving. I said goodbye to everyone (I even told my name to two families....rats).I am with Hermana Hualinga who has been out for 13 months. She comes from a family of 15 kids! She is 21 years old and is from Lima. I am happy to still be here  - I love my ward! 
Stairway to Heaven

I love you all. I hope your week was a little bit more encouraging than mine. 

xoxo Hermana Stringham 

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  1. Still in Sullana! :) wow. Its nice. It means I can see u more times. :)