Monday, October 13, 2014

I thought I might be the first missionary ever to not learn the language of my mission!

Hola! Mom thank you for the package!!!!!! My birthday came early. We loved our dresses and everything else! We are saving the brownies for a rainy day. Also Piura's mail people are on strike so I have a ton of letters to send to you all but I can't.. I have had them for a while now. sorry. Which also means that I can't receive letters for a while if you have sent me something. 

Time is flying like always. This is my last week with Hermana Valencia and probably my last week in Sullana. I have loved this place, the people, and my companion. In my first area I'll be honest I didn't understand much. So I wasn't as attached to the people I was teaching, I was just trying to wrap myself around the language they were speaking. I am proud to say that I am so much more comfortable with the language. It was such a trial and I thought I might be the first missionary ever to not learn the language of my mission. God lives and he works miracles. And my spanish is one of those miracles. I can't speak perfect but at least I can understand and don't have to fake it anymore. However the translators in conference talk a million miles per hour. I could understand the messages but it just wasn't the same. I can't wait to read it all in English. But yes conference was amazing. Some quotes I loved:

"If you serve you serve. If you don't serve you don't serve." (he burned us with that one)
"Which way do you face?"
"Are you living in a way that you can have the blessings in your patriarchal blessing?"

I loved how the apostles spoke in their mother language! I got a lot out of conference. What I learned most is that this life is hard we know it's hard. We must accept that we can only grow through challenges, and isn't that our purpose here on earth? Everyone has agency. It's a gift but we must learn how to use it wisely. We are faced with decisions everyday. Are we always putting our lives and decisions according to God's will? I loved how one guy...I can't remember who...said we need our spiritual passport. Now more than ever we need a testimony for ourselves. If we have forgotten our testimony or simply don't have one. Look.Find.Ask. God will give it to you. Our testimonies we stay with us for the eternities. So make it strong. Today. 

I also felt impressed to remind you all to remember to pray everyday and read scriptures not just personally, but with your FAMILY. Please do this! Have Family Home Evening too. You will find a stronger spirit in your home. 

The Ortiz Family
I am so excited for the Ortiz Family. Franco will be baptized this Sunday and their family will be sealed in the temple in November! And to think that we almost didn't knock on their door. But I need your help. We want and need Franco's dad to baptize him,  Please pray with me that Brother Juan Carlos will be able to baptize his son Franco. It will be something really special. This Sunday there are 14 people being baptized just in Sullana! So we are planning a massive baptism and President Rowley is going to come! I can't wait. 

Hermana Valencia and I are two kids who can't control our laughter. Man I definitely haven't become more serious in the mission. I can't contain it with her! We cannot sing together in lessons, it just takes the spirit out like fire. We have become true sisters and best friends. I am sad to leave her. 

Well I can't remember what else happened but it was a good week. 
Love and miss you all terribly!!!

xoxo Hermana Stringham 

Analy suprised me and visited us today! She bought me a birthday cake! I love her to death. She is turning in her papers to serve a mission! I know she will be such a good missionary and her companion will love her.

          We had a cake war. They always throw cake in the face. I am a little scared for my actual birthday. 

Hermana Margoth is the best!

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  1. I spent a wonderful P. DAY!! With you :). Love you....:)