Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sullana looks just like Cambodia tuk tuks (motos) EVERYWHERE. I am suprised I haven't been hit by one yet. In my area there are parts that are nicer than my last and other parts that are soooo super poor. Dirt floors and straw walls. This area is HUGEEE. I have never felt so exhausted in my whole life :) It takes us about 15 sometimes 30 minutes to get from one appointment to the next. My legs are sore from walking haha. It's like a never ending hike. Okay I might be complaining for a minute but I got to tell someone about the horrible mosquitos here. You think the mosquitos are bad in Jackson Lake......oh man I think they've drank all the blood I have in me. And the heat here woooahh. I don't know how hot it is but it's a whole lot stronger and hotter here than in Piura. (just some fun facts about Sullana).
But I can't complain because we have some rockin investigators. First of all one day this week we invited three different people to be baptized and they all said YES. But as time has passed Satan and other things always get in the way darn it. We have one investigator who is named Alejandro. He is 25 years old. He goes to every and I mean every ward and church activity. He is in Alma right now in the Book of Mormon and knows the stories better than I do...He is the most goldenest investigator I have seen. But there is one thing - he says he hasn't receieved an answer. That's what they all say....But really I know he has received his answer. Many people can't recognize the feeling of peace is an answer. So I challenged him to be baptized July 12. I promised him that he would receive an answer before then and if not then he won't be baptized. I am praying that he will see that he has an answer or get a deeper answer. Please pray with me. Because this is all on me and I need your help.
Next we have Renato he is 13 years old. So humble and intelligent. We asked him to be baptized this week (this saturday). His family is all Catholic and doesn't know how he can be Mormon and still go to a Catholic school. He has also been talking to his cousin who puts the biggest doubts in his head. Ahhhhhhh. He is so ready but his cousin won't keep quiet. But I have faith he will be baptized this Saturday.
Ricoberto. He accepted a baptismal date with no problem. He has been trying to overcome his addiction to alcohol. He cried to us and I can really tell he wants our help and he wants the gospel. But there is one thing. He isn't married. We found that out last night after we asked him to be baptized. Shoot.
All three of these investigators came to church yesterday! Whoop! We have more really awesome investigators but I have no time to talk about them all.
Anyway. Everyone says that by three months in the mission field you can understand Spanish. I am going to tell you right now that is a lie. I hit my three month mark in the field in 2 days and I still can't understand a lot. But I love a scripture I read in Exodus 4:10-12. Look it up it hit me hard. A mission, the language, the food, the companion, the people it's not all easy. But I am growing little by little and day by day. I feel closer to my Savior than ever before. I always imagine him in my lessons or when I am walking what seems like the desert. I know he has not left me here to do it a lone. He is with me. He is with us all.
I love you all soo much. Really I do.
Have the best week!
Hermana Stringham 

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