Monday, June 2, 2014

Truly Sarah.........

Hello Fam and Friends!

Happy Late Birthday Brandon!!! Sorry I am late.. Thom and Cythnia I hope you are enjoying my luxurious room and comfy bed cause I sure aint. 

This is me right now typing you at the computer. 
Well this past week was good.  Like I told you we have a goal for 9 baptisms this month. I have no idea how that is possible but we are working hard. We have an investigator named Pedro. Oh Pedrooo-he likes to pretend he can understand English it's kind of annoying. When I am talking in the lesson and I have to think for a second about a word, he says oh just keep talking I can understand English. He was explaining something to us and in the middle of his story he said ´´oh I forgot my vocabulary is to big for her (me) then he looks at me with a smirk and says an easier word.´´ Then he said to me ´´you are not talking as much today, it's because your nervous.´´ Bahaahahaha I am telling you this not because I am bugged with him but I was dying inside. After Hna Rivera and I were dying of laughter, because the whole time he was just ridiculing me. He said he will only go to our church if we will go to his first. SOME PEOPLE. But at the end of the lesson when I was bearing my testimony and telling him to pray he said, ´´i like when you talk. You talk with conviction, even more than your companion.´´ As missionaries we have the spirit. The spirit testifies of truth. Even though these people don't want to make changes in their lives at least I can bring the spirit to their home for a second. I love when I am teaching and the room feels so still. I can fill the Holy Ghost. 

I am really trying to master listening to the spirit. As a missionary my mind is preoccupied with so many things! gahh. How do I filter out all the thoughts. My mind races from Spanish, to English, to investigators, to my feelings of uncomfortableness (its kind a hot and sweaty here), to my family, my friends, my life, my future, this moment, the next lesson, what am going to say now, yuck I don't want to eat this olive, my stomach can't fit your rice sorry, how am I going to live this week with no money (i lost my wallet, my id, my drivers liscence----MY LIFE), Hna Rivera don't you look at me I don't know what to say. Then I find myself sitting in a lesson, God promises that ´´your mouth will not be counfounded´´ ´´I will give it to you in the hour that you need what you shall say.´´ (I probably butchered those quotes). But really, even though I don't have a huge vocabulary I feel God directing my words in lessons. He works with the dumb, I'll testify of that. Joseph Smith knew nothing he wasn't that smart. But he brought about a miracle. God trusted him, and I know He has trusted me. He sent me to Piura because He knows I am capable of the task that is set before me. He gives us trials because he can see our potential. Everything we go through molds us for the future. God has a big future for us, but it takes pain to get there. 

I love being a missionary. I love having experiences that challenge my faith, because I am growing stronger. 

We will have a new pencionista(o) starting tomorrow. The bishop's wife doesn't have time with her two little kids. We asked so many people in our ward, we even asked this old lady. I was scared she would say yes. Sorry but I am a little fearful of her food. Finally we found one! A member who we re-activated recently. And yes he is a guy. Haha but if he cooks good then that's all that matters. I'll let you know how his food is next week. 

I love you all. Se que este iglesia es verdadero con total mi corazon. Have a good week. Guess what I only have TWO more weeks of my training. AHHHH. 

oh also if you want to look up where I live..I live in San Martin. Check it out. 


Hermana Stringham

This pic is with one of my favorite members Paola Aguirre. 

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