Monday, May 12, 2014


Hola Buenos Dias!

ADRIATIC NORTH MISSION SLOVENIA MISSION REGION! What the random!!!!!!?? That soo awesome Katie! I am so thrilled for you. Holy cow good luck with the language I can't even imagine----I can't even learn Spanish! Happy Happy belated birthday Grandma Lucy!!! I love you so much! Sorry I am late. But I think about you often and pray for you. Thank you for everything. I miss you! Tell Gramps hello. Tell Becky Sorenson Hello! She is the cutest. Kelly Nichols is soooo cute. I have thought about lining her up with Steve. She is the best. Thanks for the password Sam! haha youuuuuu. I will call next week at about 1:00 YOUR time (2:00) my time. But Peruvians are always running late so don't freak out if I don't call you right at 1:00. I am jealous you are in Florida with my peeps tell them hello. I miss those kiddos! Who is Alex Hall? I dont know if you know but McKay Roberts was called to Peru too! I think it is funny because me, jake bentzgten, nate obrien, and mcKay alll went to Cambodia with youthlinc AND ARE all serving missions in peru.
I made it half way through my training! WHoop WhoOOP!!!!! This past month was definitely one of the most trying times of my life. I still can't speak much or understand but I feel stronger. Cynthia told me in one of her letters that the ´´mission doesn't get easier you just become stronger.´´ It's definitely true.

My companion has had the biggest knot her neck for the past two weeks, so first one of the members did some acupuntcure on her....ouch I couldn't watch I don't know how in the world I can be a nurse. Then later this week she went to the hospital. I don't think I will ever tell a member that I don't feel good. They do weird things to us. Anyway while she went to the hospital we had divisions so I went with a member to teach our normal lessons. That was the first time the I have had to teach and direct the whole lesson by myself. I have gotten over the nerves and feel comfortable however a lot of the times I can't spit out the words I want to it's so frustrating! But after our lessons the member with me said I love when you speak Castillano. She said she can understand me but more than that she said she feels the spirit everytime I speak. I felt relieved when she told me that because most of the time I feel like a hopeless slug in the corner of the room who can only bear their testimony.
We have a member in ward who is basically my best friend. Her name is ANALY and she is hilarious!!! And she speaks English...but we can't really speak in English because yeah we just can't it's a rule. But she's always talking in English I just have to respond in Spanish. She goes with Hermana Rivera and I almost EVERY day to our appointments. Thanks to her we had eleven lessons taught to investigators this last week with a member present. Today she is spending her day with us also. We are going to go to lunch, shopping, and getting ice cream. Really she has been one of the biggest blessings. She makes me laugh which is just what I need. We are truly the 3 musketeers.
They like their fiestas here! This last week was labor day. Every corner in the streets was filled with people dancing, drinking, and blaring their hispanic,drink, and be merry...That's the life style here. Seriously every man drinks here if they aren't a member of the church. This is my first experience being around so many drunks. I am not a fan of alcohol that's FOR SURE. Lots of the times we can't enter houses of our investigators because the father is drunk and we can here him yelling. It is very sad.
FHE with Maria and her family
We have an investigator named Evelyn. She is so sincere and I know she feels that this church is true. She attended church on Sunday!! We have only taught her twice, but I can see her potential. I am trying to see people not as they are but as they can become. Lots of the time with investigators I feel like they aren't progressing and will never accept our message, but I am trying to not give up on people so fast and have FAITH.
Jose Correa--our golden family--said they need more time. So their baptismal date has been cancelled. They know it's true I know it. But they live with their mother who is a devote Catholic and I know she is the one who is influencing them. Such a bummer!!
My nicknames: My companion calls me Elder Stringham because I beat her in an arm wressel and I always accidentally slam the doors not meaning too haha, Analy calls me Spanglish because that is the lanuage I speak, others cannot for the LIFE of them say Stringham so it's usually STRINGHMMY, STRINMAMMA, or lately I just tell people to call me Hermana String. Who knew Stringham was so hard in Spanish?

The worst thing I have to eat here----OLIVES----Yuck yuck yuck. They are horendous. They put them in like every meal! Luckily usually only one BUT still. I gag everytime.

I know the church is true with all my heart. The spirit time and time again manifests to me of the truthfullness. I love my Saviour. He is my strength.
I hope you all have a fabulous week! I can't wait                                                                                  This is what I ate yesterday at a members house. Seriously I eat one meal here and I am full for the rest of the day. Thank you rice. talk to you next week!!!!!!!!
xoxo-- Hermana Stringhhhhmannmny

Analy. I love her!

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