Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Anyways.... HellllOOO!
This last week has brought a lot of changes. When things get too comfortable God likes to change things up to make us stronger! Right in the middle of emailing you last week my teacher came and got me and said he had received revelation to switch our companionships only for teaching our investigators. It was kind of a bummer and it was hard to teach with someone else. I really felt like Hermana Kaeding and I were on a roll. We were improving every lesson and then I felt like I just took 10 steps backward, but it is good and I needed a trial! I came across Alma 60:11. God expects us to work to our full potential. This is His time not mine! I always have to remember that when I want to relax. But every second counts. This little switch up has made me work harder because it is now harder to find the spirit while teaching because when we don´t have it the lessons they are a major blow.
Riding the CrAZy busses
BUT things are great! Not a ton happened this week. We got two new roomates. Both are from Argentina and they are so funny (Ella--one of them is from Rosario)! The first night with them I learned how blunt Latinos are. Hermana Arroyo said to me in spanish ´´what´s on your face?´´ I thought ahhhh I don´t know what do you mean what´s on my face? Then she pretended to pop a zit on her face and laughed. Hahahaha that´s when I realized I had just washed my face and it was all red. Then she told my companion that us Americans eat too much butter and it gives us bad skin. THANK YOU HERMANA.
The gift of tongues is such a cool thing. I feel it working in certain moments. I was asked to give the prayer twice on Sunday. Everyone came up to me afterwards and was amazed. There are certain moments when I am teaching or just studying and I feel a sudden burst of energy or words flow easily and I know it is from God. He wants me to keep going. He is there to help us. Why wouldn´t he be? Without his help I could never learn the language and this language is something I need in order to do His work. Even though I asked my investigator this week if we could FEEL DOWN on the chairs instead of SIT DOWN and I told him he could be cleansed from his fish I am not giving up!


Last night we were eating dinner and Hermana Kaeding looked at me and said ´´I am so sorry Hermana. I think I made you sick.´´ But I knew there was no way she had made me sick, she hasn´t even been sick this past week. She was so embarrased and wouldn´t tell me how she made me sick. I expected the worst  when finally she said ´´I prayed for an opportunity to serve you and then you got sick and I had so many things I could do for you.´´ She is the BEST comp ever, even if she was the one who gave me this sickness. Hahaha I couldn´t stop laughing when she said that. She felt so bad. She even made me lay down so she could play with my hair. I LOVE HER.
Starbucks Eh??? I haven´t eaten so well in three weeks!
My District is off the charts amazing!! I couldn´t have been luckier! Seriously. It is so amazing to hear everyones testimony of how they got on a mission. Some people have to go through so much in life. There are 10 in my district 8 girls and 2 boys (like usual).
I love you all!!!!!
Hermana Stringham

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