Sunday, January 19, 2014

To Room 2202

Walking in my apartment I didn't know what or who I would find.  To my surprise I loved every single one of my roommates and I miss them terribly. 

--s a r a-m i r a n d a--m a r i a h-k a i t--e l l a-s a r a h--

Sara Tolman.  To the girl who sneezed as loud as a earthquake, got up at 6 a.m. every morning, encouraged me to stay home with her and not go to FHE, made me the richest chocolate birthday cake ever, and ate a weird spaghetti dish that I refused to try.  At first I thought oh another was nothing new or surprising to me.  I was used to being called other names like "Stretch," "Sarah String," "Stringbean," "Munchkin," "Suurah," "Sar Bear" and "Saras." Sara: the most petite and cutest thing that left the land of South Carolina.  She did her best to hide that southern accent, but we all adored her for it.  I miss her dearly.  We shared a love for chocolate, studying, and relaxing whenever we got the chance.  Even during the worst of her days she always had something kind to share and a smile to bring.  Currently Sara is serving in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania mission speaking Spanish.  I know she is bringing so much strength to her mission. There is not another girl I'd rather share the same name with let alone the same roof.  How can you not love Sara! 

Miranda Thomas.  The pro runner, peacemaker, STRESS BAKER (terrible for my diet), and worker at "Legends Grill."  She always spoke with a smile and laughed off her troubles.  She could be found in the kitchen making the gooiest of brownies, chocolate chip pancakes, banana spice muffins, and basically everything else known to mankind.  The most easy going and understanding person in the apartment.  Forcing me to get out of the apartment to go to Yogurt Land at 11:00 p.m. was one of the many late night activities she was always up for.  Thank you THANK YOU for doing your dishes, providing many roles of toilet paper, and being the selfless person you are.  Leaving a twix on my bed anonymously was the kind of person Miranda was.  To the humblest of friends, I appreciate your kindness.  I apologize for calling you Mariah one too many times.

seriously who wears this while running a half marathon?? only these two... 

Mariah Kolts.  Noteworthy's Allstar Arial singer right in our own home.  She always eased my mind as I sat in my pool of stress.  Eating peanut butter, converting you to popcorn, and finding you up all hours of the night were some of the best moments with you.  I'll never forget trying to decorate our bare Christmas tree when you decided to liven the things up with your own jewelry, classic! I will forever think of you when I hear the song "Brave," by Sara Bareilles. Never a dull moment with this chica.  From the most beautiful and power house voice, to the cackliest of all laughs, to cleaning out the shower drain filled with your red curly hair, you are a fire cracker! (literally) and I enjoyed all of you.  You livened up the place the moment you walked in.  Thank you for listening to my many many stories and giving me much needed boy advice.  Probably the most social of the whole bunch and the best RS teacher!  

Kait Beard.  Hold the phone.  To the blonde haired girl with desert hands who sat on Ella's bed EVERY night (picture shown) and became my favorite temple buddy.  The late night talks with you got me through the day.  Spaghetttiiii, yogurt & granola with cinnamon (on EVERYTHING), pumpkin cinnamon zucchini bread, turkey and cranberries, orange juice, peanut butter, and your obsession with my yucky quinoa were some of my favorite things about you.  I can't think of a more positive, pure, loving, caring, and sensitive girl.  I'll never forget your chimpmunk voice, contagious laugh, bright eyes, violin talent, running and weight lifting obsession, and your friendliest of smiles.  A big thanks to you for joining Ella and I in our weird nights of clicking our heals, singing, and dancing to the beat of our own tone deaf voices.  Sorry for frightening you...I get weird with you.  It's a fact.  I  will miss you so much while you serve the Lord in Vancouver, Washington!  But I can't think of someone more humble and honest than you Kaitlyn.  

El.  Since we were three you have been my sole mate and sister.  We haven't ever left each others sight.  You still live in Provo in room 2202 and I reside at Valley View Avenue without you or Grace.  But our friendship hasn't and won't ever change.  I miss you more everyday.  We understand each other better than our own mothers.  No one can dance as awkward as us, sing as ugly as we do, and laugh as much as we can.  Thank you for revising my papers, feeding me healthy food (black rice), letting me consume your whole life with mine, but most of all for being the truest of all friends.  I don't know anyone more giving than you.  I cannot wait to speak Spanish with you in 23 months! You will be the most amazing and giving missionary in "Arhentinnna".  I hope to be as good as you. Can't wait to share a backyard/pool with you in the near future.  You complete my soul.  So must never ever leave me alone.  And you better never tell my dirty little secrets!!  

Our last night together
 This picture explains us too well

Sara's first time seeing snow!!

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